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Club Meeting Documents

Club Meeting Documents

Documents to help get your Money Club off to a fast start
Money Attitudes From Your Childhood

1. Money Attitudes From Your Childhood

Exploring Your Financial DNA
Your Money Style

2. Your Money Style

Are You a Hoarder? Avoider? Splurger?
Fighting Money Fears

3. Fighting Money Fears

How to confront, then tame your money fears
Getting Organized

4. Getting Organized

De-cluttering your financial life
Net Worth

5. Net Worth

Understand it, measure it and grow it

6. Saving

The road to peace of mind

7. Budgeting

How the “B” word can set you free
Cutting Expenses

8. Cutting Expenses

Get out that little black (note)book
Credit Card Debt

9. Credit Card Debt

Take the first step to getting debt free

10. Investing

You’re better at it than you think
Retirement Planning

11. Retirement Planning

Yes, you can live long and prosper
Using the Internet for Financial Education

12. Using the Internet for Financial Education

Learn fast ways to get immediate answers
Establishing/Repairing Credit

13. Establishing/Repairing Credit

Give yourself good credit (hint: no one else can)

14. Insurance

Managing cost of long-term care

15. Career

Finding your true calling
Financial Generosity

16. Financial Generosity

Giving can help the giver, too
Reading the Financial News

17. Reading the Financial News

How to stay on the money
Education Planning

18. Education Planning

Getting a smart start on college
Social Security

19. Social Security

When and how to claim your benefits
Estate Planning

20. Estate Planning

Ensure that your assets go to the right people
Kids and Money

21. Kids and Money

Start early to pass on your financial values
Couples and Money

22. Couples and Money

Communication key to harmony
Buying or Leasing a Car

23. Buying or Leasing a Car

Steer yourself to the right deal
Buying a House

24. Buying a House

To get the right house, do your homework

25. Mortgages

Get the lowdown on the fine print

26. Banking

The right bank can be your financial partner
Earning Money Without a Job

27. Earning Money Without a Job

Work is more than just going to the office\
Providing for Parents

28. Providing for Parents

Devising a workable parent-care plan

29. Divorce

How to avoid common financial pitfalls

30. Widowhood

Consult our step-by-step survival guide
Finding an Advisor

31. Finding an Advisor

How to seek, interview and choose an advisor

32. Remarriage

Being wiser in love and money
Holiday Spending

33. Holiday Spending

How to avoid a New Year’s credit hangover