Nine Tips for Money Club Success

  1. Only invite doers. Be selective in membership; choose people you respect and with whom you want to grow. Members must be committed to their own success and the success of the other Money Club members.
  2. You can meet as often as you like. Bi-weekly meetings give the members enough time to prepare for the next meeting, but not so much time that the synergy and momentum of the group is lost. If meeting every other week is too big a commitment for your group, then meet just once a month.
  3. Use the format of each Money Zone to ensure that your Club covers all aspects of the Zone, and that everyone gets a chance to participate and share.
  4. Facilitators aren’t trainers or instructors. They facilitate and let the power of the group take the center stage. Rotate facilitators to allow each member the ability to be the facilitator.
  5. Allow each member to speak without dominating the conversation. There are no wrong or silly questions. It is up to the facilitator to make sure no one is made to feel inadequate.
  6. Generally, groups should not exceed ten members so everyone has a chance to share. To keep the group viable and functioning, the group may eliminate a person after three absences.
  7. New members can be added with unanimous consent of all members of the group. All new members should be added on a trial basis to ensure harmony with the others. Have new members fill out their own Money Truth and Dreams Questionnaire. For Money Zones they are interested in but may have missed, your Club can repeat the Zone for everyone’s benefit, or the new member can do that Zone on her own.
  8. The purpose of the Money Club is to take what you know and move forward from where you are now. This is a different place for each member, but each member can move forward from here, no matter what her money knowledge.
  9. Share all the members’ phone numbers and email addresses. Individual members can meet together or have telephone conferences between sessions to reinforce concepts and offer support.