Money Zone: Finding an Advisor

Having a reliable, trustworthy financial advisor is invaluable. Fortunately, there are plenty of highly qualified advisors out there who offer a level of service (and cost) suited to you. In fact, independent planners and large financial firms are more eager than ever to attract women as clients, because they now recognize that we have wealth at our disposal, and the earning power to acquire more.

Finding an Advisor: Member Guide

Finding a trusted advisor is one of the most important steps along the road to financial freedom. A financial advisor who knows your situation and has your best interests at heart can motivate you to move quickly toward your dreams and can provide an essential sounding board for your financial plans. An advisor you trust […]

Finding an Advisor: Step-by-Step

Just as when choosing a doctor, you want to find a financial advisor who has the experience and expertise you need and whose opinion you trust. Some planners are focused on selling products to boost their fees rather than tailoring an investment strategy for your individual needs, while others can be “pushy” or condescending. But […]