WIFE’s sister site. A simple program
that has the power to change your
financial life forever.

A free web site designed to help educators, parents and students practice better money management for life.

Overcoming Underearning Workshop

Barbara Stanny, author of  “Secrets of the Six-Figure Women: Surprising Strategies to Up Your Earnings and Change Your Life”, teaches the surprisingly simple strategies for increasing your income and achieving your dreams. More Information

The only site dedicated to providing free on-line credit
management services that includes a free personalized credit
counselor, bill due date reminders, financial calculators, low
cost loan alternatives and invaluable credit tips.

Fantasy Stock Market

Free, fun, and educational investment site. Test and enhance your
investment skills without using your own money. Plus Personal
Portfolio Tracker, Stock Quotes, Charting, Research, Most
Requested Stocks, Prizes and more.

All the information you need to evaluate stocks and make smart
investment decisions.

The only online dictionary you need for investing and financial

A non-profit, community service
organization offering confidential and professional credit
counseling, debt management and financial educational programs to
consumers nationwide


A comfortable place for you to learn about retirement planning and

Credit Reports and Consumer Credit Information

Consumer Credit Counseling Services

Our mission is to help you get out of financial trouble. If you’re overwhelmed with debt, we can consolidate bills into one easy monthly payment, lower interest charges, and teach you how to pay with cash and live on a sensible budget!



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