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  1. I am 73 in Nov. and married to a woman that is 53 years old ,I retired over a year ago from a good Limo business that I owned for over twenty five years .And made very good money . But sense it was mostly cash are credit card business we usually banked my money are lived off it ,while hers went into direct deposit .Now that I have retired and have only a S.S .check every month of only 1,300. dollars .She is now talking divorce and she has b been putting a large amount of money from her pay check ,in to a 401 plan and it has accumulated well over 100,000. dollars ,If we divorce at this time am I due at least half of this ? and if so how can I keep her from drawing it out now a little at a time ,so I would get little are nothing when we divorce ?During all the years we were married we lived very good off my money and very little of hers .So can she leave me a broke old man after all these years after living off me I will await your answer .Thanks very much ,for any advice you may offer . Yours Truly ” GENO “.Sanders

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