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Elizabeth Bryan:
" It’s Not What Happens, it’s how you Heal with it!”

Elizabeth Bryan is a nationally recognized author, artist and speaker. She is the Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Count Your Blessings, and Soul Models: Inspiring Stories of Courage and Compassion. Her life’s mission is promoting compassion and gratitude through all things creative.

Elizabeth shares her personal journey through a challenging divorce in order to help other women get through it with far less pain and financial hardship. She is a volunteer speaker at WIFE.org’s nationally acclaimed workshop, “Second Saturday: What Women Need to Know about Divorce" and is a regular speaker on the spa and lecture circuit. She lives in Southern California with her husband, teenage son, 4 cats and 2 dogs. To learn more, visit www.ElizabethBryanStudio.com and www.SoulModels.net.

Money Club Participation Reaches an All Time High!

WIFE.org sponsored Money Club participation has hit an all time high! We now have 442 Money Clubs with 2,852 members in 46 states plus 7 other countries, with new ones cropping up all the time. Money Clubs are the non-fattening and fun curriculum created by expert/thought leaders Candace and Ginita that teach everyone how to […]

Second Saturday Workshops

  As of November 2018, there are over 100 Second Saturday Divorce workshops in progress or newly minted and rolling out for the New Year.  That means that women across the country will have essential legal, emotional and financial information available to help them navigate one of the most difficult challenges they can ever face. […]

Second Saturday Divorce Workshop Goes National

Here at WIFE.org, we’ll think back on spring of 2014 as a time of amazing growth – our Second Saturday Divorce workshop expansion has been going gangbusters, with new workshops sprouting up around the country. Ginita has done a beyond phenomenal job putting together twenty-five years of tried and true materials to share with our […]

The Joy Team

To me, April means the true beginning of spring – flowers catch my eye, the weather really starts to turn, and people just seem happier. This month, we are celebrating that feeling by sharing Michele McKeag Larsen, and her non-profit, The Joy Team. The Joy Team has a simple premise:  spreading joy, optimism and inspiration […]

Living Apart Together

Today, my husband of almost seven years is packing to move out. We loved it when we lived in different states and saw each other two weeks a month.  Living together full time with two dogs, four cats that don’t get along and an ever-starving teenage son has literally put us in different states – […]

Money Clubs…Free, Non-fattening and Fun!

I had a very inspiring day talking to all of the women and groups around the country who have been using Money Clubs, the educational curriculum developed by Candace and Ginita almost twelve years ago.  From getting out of debt to budgeting, saving to retirement and everything in between, the free information and resources they […]

Parlez-Vous Financial Planning?

Women rule financially, but men rule where we get our advice about investing. The fact is that women control 52% of the wealth in our nation, and will control a full two-thirds in the next decade. This is amazing news – except for the fact that 85% of advisors are male, and many are not […]

Women’s Wellness Journey

Need time to explore and restore? I am excited to share the first EVER “Women’s Wellness Journey” at beautiful Spa Ojai, October 6th – 9th.  WIFE co-founder and brilliant wealth expert Candace Bahr and I came up with an innovative (and proprietary) M.A.P. Process.  M.A.P. stands for Mindset, Abundance and Purpose – the three key […]

A Man is Not a Financial Plan: Elizabeth’s Story

Okay – I absolutely never set out to find some wealthy guy to provide for me.  In fact, if you ask my mother, you’ll hear about the tattooed biker, the penniless musician and the art teacher who pretty much lived in his van (did I just admit that??) Falling head over heels in love with […]

Today’s 5 minute Small Step: Is this the best use of my thoughts of right now?

The first small step we shared was constantly asking yourself, “Is this the best use of my time?”  That led me to ask this question throughout the day:  Is this the best use of my thoughts right now?  The mind averages sixty thousand thoughts per day, and some experts estimate that 80% of these are […]

How I Found Financial Redemption through WIFE.org

… and How You Can Too! A Man is NOT a Financial Plan   I’m Elizabeth Bryan – I didn’t coin the phrase “A Man is Not a Financial Plan,” (WIFE co-founders Candace Bahr and Ginita Wall so wisely did) but I’m about to tell you why you should pay attention to those words – […]