Second Saturday Divorce Workshop Goes National

Second Saturday

Here at, we’ll think back on spring of 2014 as a time of amazing growth – our Second Saturday Divorce workshop expansion has been going gangbusters, with new workshops sprouting up around the country.

Ginita has done a beyond phenomenal job putting together twenty-five years of tried and true materials to share with our workshop leaders in efforts to help women nationally, wherever they are in the process of untying the knot.  David Barnett, our brilliant webmaster, has outdone himself in creating the new Second Saturday website, which will help individuals everywhere understand that they are not alone in this process.

For me personally, I feel honored to be an integral part of spreading the word about this twenty-five year legacy of helping.  It’s been amazing and heart opening connecting with all our new Second Saturday Leaders who have the same devotion to cause as Ginita and Candace.  Now, as full on nationwide community, we will truly be able to help families everywhere through the challenges of the divorce process. 

Because my own post-divorce hardships led me to Candace and Ginita, I feel especially fortunate.  The healing process can be a long one, and my hand in this outreach is actually speeding that up – I’m hoping to be done by the time we hit 1,000 new workshops 🙂

Here’s to Second Saturday!!  —Elizabeth Bryan

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