Cool New Friends

Justice for Jenny is humbled and honored to consider  The Justice For Jenny Foundation a friend of and Second Saturday Divorce Workshops. The Justice for Jenny Foundation raises awareness about domestic violence as a means towards prevention, and campaigns to end the cycle of violence that plagues generations. Through partnerships with other like-minded charitable and educational …

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Family Law Software

Software for Divorce Professionals Dan Caine, CEO of Family Law Software, is a long-time friend of and Family Law Software is by far the leading program specifically for divorce professionals nationwide. Thousands of divorce professionals use it to help their clients calculate child support; prepare financial forms for the court; value defined benefit pensions; …

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Barbara Huson

Barbara Huson, a long-time friend of, is a leading authority on wealth building. For over 20 years, Barbara has been empowering people to take charge of their money and, in turn, take charge of their life, to help them create the wealth they desire and the life they deserve. Click here to find out …

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SmartCoparent is re-imagining the way families, co-parents and professionals collaborate. Launched in 2018, SmartCoparent is the new full-featured co-parenting platform developed to instantly enable smarter collaboration and improve people’s lives. With SmartCoparent, individuals, families and professionals can automate child visitation schedules, expense sharing, documents sharing, messaging and support payments to reduce a wide range of …

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Considering lending your children money for a down payment, or co-signing a mortgage? Here’s a helpful article for parents on the options available to them to help their children to purchase a home. It’s from our latest Cool New Friend, The website has other great articles about mortgages and financing, along with many different … Read More »

Is your teenager looking for a summer job? Are you looking for employment? is a central resource where you can research jobs available and download applications for major employers. In addition to hundreds of printable and online applications for retail stores, department stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, restaurants, shops, etc., you’ll also find tips for putting together … Read More »

The Spending Strike

Sarah Baker, a long-time member of WIFE, along with her husband and children, took on the challenge of a month-long spending strike. They paid their mortgage, utilities, and insurance but cut out all other spending. Keeping track of what they would have spent, the Bakers discovered they had saved nearly six hundred dollars that would …

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Job Hunt started 14 years ago to help job seekers and career explorers. Check out the section that gives descriptions and salary and employment stats by career as well as locale and watch videos about those careers.

A career resource  from, is called CTI Career Search . We particularly like Career Stories, a collection of real-world career descriptions on more than 200 different occupations written by people working in each profession.

Credit Card Debt Guide

Are you knee-deep in credit card debt? Though getting out of debt may not be the easiest challenge you have ever undertaken, here’s a resource that can help.


Are your kids saving savvy? We are always looking for resources that will help you and your family improve your finances. Our latest Cool New Friend is KidsSave, a kids’ savings and money management program designed for ages 6 and up. With KidsSave software, kids can record deposits and withdrawals, parents can record allowances and …

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TIP$ — Turning Ideas Into Profits

TIP$ (Turning Ideas Into Profits) is a mid-life women’s business community providing information, education, support, and networking opportunities for women entrepreneurs in their late 40s and beyond. When women join the TIP$ community, they have access to special benefits that include a 65-page business startup guide, an online discussion forum, a comprehensive Resource Center with …

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Are you a Boomer? Eons believes that life that begins at 50, and they are there to help you to live the biggest life possible—through articles, interviews, how-to lists, books, and recommended Web sites (including!). If you are ready to start thinking about your unprecedented opportunity to travel and explore, to re-invent your career, …

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Smart Mom Solutions

If you are a busy working mom, Smart Mom Solutions provides practical ideas for the real challenges you face today. Every Smart Mom product is designed to save you time, effort and help you stay connected with your children, school, caretakers, family and friends. Visit Smart Mom Solutions to place your order now!

Do Something offers a free financial education program for young people. They have lesson plans that families can use at home, plus an online game that lets your kids make smart money decisions as they play out their future adult life. Visit Do Something.

Candura Group

Dan Candura is a special friend to and the Money Clubs. A talented and engaging speaker who specializes in ethics training for CFP® professionals, Dan served on the Board of Directors of The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. and is a past Chair of the Board of Professional Review. Dan’s ethics training …

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Eating Broccoli

Do you hate eating broccoli? Elyssa Pallai, Web Strategist and Mom does, but she knows it’s good for her, so she eats it anyway. And she knows that sound money management is good for her bottom line, which is why she created the blog Eating Broccoli, which is about principled, practical money management tips for women.In …

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NFCA (National Family Caregivers Association)

Being a family caregiver can be financially challenging. Here is a Toolkit from the National Family Caregivers Association that might help. You’ll find information about locating benefits and food assistance, free or subsidized health care services and medications, and advocacy organizations providing direct support.

“I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” Oh yeah, right – but this time, it’s really true. Check it out! is the U.S. government’s website dedicated to teaching all Americans the basics about financial education. Whether you are buying a home, balancing your checkbook, or investing in your 401(k), the resources on … Read More »


DailyWorth is a free daily personal finance email for women. They deliver practical tips, empowering ideas and the occasional kick in the pants. Sign up for your free daily dose of financial reality, and read some of the past blog posts.

WISER (Women’s Institute For A Secure Retirement)

What’s better than a book crammed with information you need to know? A FREE book with information. That’s what we found on the web, from our friends at WISER (Women’s Institute For A Secure Retirement). Their E book, What Women Need to Know About Retirement is yours for the downloading. You can download the entire book, or just the …

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Elf Yourself

Elf Yourself by is a fun and entertaining way to design e-cards and videos of you and your loved ones. Here, you can customize your very own e-cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards, funny videos and so much more. Get ready with some good pictures of you and the favorite people in your life and get …

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Money Wi$e Women Get Smart

Money Wi$e Women Get Smart is a monthly educational series that empowers you to listen and learn at your own pace through free teleseminars on a variety of topics such as investing, credit reports, eliminating credit card debt, organizing your records, goal setting, time management, estate planning, tax tips, taming your money fears and much more. …

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DailyWorth is a free daily personal finance email for women. They deliver practical tips, empowering ideas and the occasional kick in the pants. Sign up for your free daily dose of financial reality, and read some of the past blog posts.

We are always looking for resources that will help you improve your finances. Our latest Cool New Friend is The website has great articles about mortgages and financing, along with 20 different loan and credit card calculators to help you make informed financial decisions.

Having a birthday? Maybe getting older has an upside, after all. Visit our Cool New Friend and get something free, just for having a birthday. The goodies featured at aren’t limited to freebies for the kids — adults and even pets can receive enticing birthday freebies. You’ll find free dinners, golf, movies, skiing and spa treatments just … Read More »

he National Stepfamily Resource Center (NSRC)

One of three Americans is now a stepparent, a stepchild, a stepsibling, or some other member of a stepfamily The National Stepfamily Resource Center (NSRC), is a clearinghouse of information for stepfamilies.

Debt Collection Answers

Juggling bills can be stressful enough. But when collectors are harassing and threatening you, your stress level can become more than you can handle. Gerri Detweiler and Mary Reed are nationally known consumer advocates, and their goal is to help you understand how to deal with debt collectors. Can’t find the answer you want at …

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The Silver Purse is a free, educational site by women and for women. Learn how to invest, explore your relationship with money, and use financial planning to reach your goals.  

CTI Career Search

If you are looking for a new job or exploring career options, we have two Cool New Friends this month to help you out. Job Hunt started 14 years ago to help job seekers and career explorers. Check out the section that gives descriptions and salary and employment stats by career as well as localeand watch videos …

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The Dollar Stretcher

As the holiday season approaches, visit our friends at The Dollar Stretcher to see their practical information and thousands of money-saving concepts to take control of your money. We especially like their article on creating a simpler less stressful Christmas. You can also sign up for their free e-newsletters.

Gal Time

Want to stay savvy, informed and connected? Visit our cool new friends at Gal Time. For more than a dozen years, the team at has been writing and producing dynamic text and video content for television and the Internet. They know what Gals want to see and read when it comes to health, beauty, fashion, …

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Budget Smart Girl

Meet our cool new friend, The Budget Smart Girl , whose Guide to the Universe offers hints and tips about saving money on just about everything from food to hair color. You can also subscribe to her monthly newsletter featuring more tips, news about companies offering promotions and coupons, reviews, recipes, and how to go green and …

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Remember the game called I Spy? It was the way parents occupied bored children on a road trip before portable DVD players. At you can join Michele McKeag Larsen on her life-long journey of I Spy Joy. She’s chronicled places where joy is found, compiling a gallery of words and images from all over the world. … Read More »

Having difficulty in this economy? So many people are. Here’s a great resource we’ve found, This non-profit’s goal is to reach out to disadvantaged women in need of financial assistance and advice, and provide the answers and resources that they need. They reach out to widows, divorcees, single moms, seniors and low-income women – anyone … Read More »

Mom Invented

Do you have a great idea for a new invention? was founded to help women realize their dreams by providing tools and resources to guide and inspire entrepreneurial success. Whether you need guidance, or wish to share experiences with like-minded entrepreneurial women, you can join the free community of Mom Inventors and take your next steps toward success.

We’ve heard all kinds of excuses to avoid writing a will. “I’m too young.” “I don’t own enough to need a will.” “Everyone know who should get what I own.” But the truth is, without a valid will, it’s up to the probate court to determine how your assets are passed along after you die. … Read More » is a not-for-profit FREE service for connecting commuters, or travelers going the same way. With more than 12,000 commuter listings in the US and Canada, we hope that you’ll find this service a good way to commute or travel inexpensively, and maybe even make a few friends.