Hispano Collaborative Professionals (HCP)

We are pleased to introduce you to Hispano Collaborative Professionals (HCP), an inspirational Cool New Friend of WIFE.org,

Hispano Collaborative Professionals (HCP) is a unique Florida-based practice group of interdisciplinary professionals fluent in both English and Spanish, dedicated to assisting families in navigating major life-changing events with peace, respect, and dignity. The group consists of independent lawyers, neutral financial professionals, facilitators, and other professionals, all dedicated to the Collaborative Divorce process. They work together to help identify interests and issues, explore options, and achieve reasonable, written settlement agreements.


  • The mission of the Hispano Collaborative Professionals (HCP) is to promote alternative dispute resolution methods, particularly Collaborative Law, within the Hispanic community.
  • Collaborative Law involves clients resolving their differences without adversarial legal proceedings, aiming for a resolution that benefits all parties involved and their families.
  • HCP is a Florida-based practice group consisting of professionals who speak both English and Spanish, offering assistance in navigating major life-changing events with peace, respect, and dignity.
  • All of the Collaborative professionals at HCP are fluent in Spanish, ensuring the best possible service.
  • Participants in the process are represented by Collaboratively-trained lawyers, and through private meetings, other professionals (such as mental health and financial experts) are involved in identifying important interests and issues and exploring options for reasonable settlement agreements that the family can agree upon

You can read more about HCP in this article and at the HCP website.

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