Ilyssa Panitz: The Divorce Journalist

Ilyssa Panitz is the only Divorce Journalist solely committed to covering every angle of divorce to help others navigate this major life transition and build back better. She writes a divorce column for Authority Magazine and has contributed to outlets on divorce. Ilyssa serves as Content/Editorial Producer for The National Association of Divorce Professionals and was Co-Host of “All Things Divorce” on Clubhouse. Since July 2021, she has hosted and produced the nationally syndicated radio show “The Divorce Hour” on CRN Digital Talk Radio and platforms like Spotify and iTunes.

With experience at outlets like CNN and 1010 WINS Radio, Ilyssa has covered major news and interviewed celebrities. Drawing on her personal divorce experience, Ilyssa started the Divorce Beat to help people through this transition. With insight into the emotional and practical hurdles, she shares guidance, empowerment and confidence. Ilyssa Panitz is the Divorce Journalist.

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