Women’s Wellness Journey

Candace Bahr
Candace Bahr, CEA, CDFA

Need time to explore and restore? I am excited to share the first EVER “Women’s Wellness Journey” at beautiful Spa Ojai, October 6th – 9th.  WIFE co-founder and brilliant wealth expert Candace Bahr and I came up with an innovative (and proprietary) M.A.P. Process.  M.A.P. stands for Mindset, Abundance and Purpose – the three key coordinates to living a happier, more fulfilled life.

For anyone who has never been to Ojai, it’s one of California’s wonders, with endless landscapes, magnificent hiking, incredible art, amazing food, and yes….great shopping!  Here are a few of the things we’ll be doing:

 Creating Your MAP Vision Board – Since “seeing is believing,” when it comes to manifesting the life you want, there is nothing like a Vision Board.  We’ll be digging into some transformative Art Therapy work that will help you create the live you want –  I’m starting mine TODAY in preparation!

Elizabeth Bryan
Elizabeth Bryan
  • Moving your Mindset from Stressed to Blessed: ?We know,we’re supposed to be grateful but life gets in the way!  Since “M” stands for Mindset, the “M” module unlocks the secret antidotes to our stress responses, helping us default daily to feelings of gratitude.? Drawing on the work of Dr. Rick Hansen (author, Buddha’s Brain), I’m going to the latest tips and tools to help you achieve and maintain a stress-free, “attitude of gratitude” mindset.
  • Open the Door to a RICH Life: Since “A” stands for Abundance, Candace will lead our guests on a journey that answers these questions: What path are you on, and where is it leading? RICH stands for Rewarding, Inspiring; a life filled with Contentment and Happiness.
  • Candace and I are taking on “P” for Purpose together:  This one is a surprise – let’s just say “P” also stands for “Promise” and “Path” – we promise by the end of this session that you’ll be clear on the coordinates of yours!

For more information please call Reservations at (877) 798-3180. Retreat prices start at $1,170 for single occupancy, and $1,485 for double occupancy. Please call to inquire.

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