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I had a very inspiring day talking to all of the women and groups around the country who have been using Money Clubs, the educational curriculum developed by Candace and Ginita almost twelve years ago.  From getting out of debt to budgeting, saving to retirement and everything in between, the free information and resources they have provided over the years never ceases to amaze me. 

Each money zone comes with it’s very own set of icebreakers, affirmations, and small steps.  Money Clubs have been adapted by the US Department of Defense and Oprah as well as women across the country.  The Delaware Financial Literacy Group has done a stellar job adapting them for unwed moms, faith-based groups and prisons – now they are working on one for couples.

It was so exciting to talk to Christine in Delaware, whose been leading the initiative statewide with “lunch and learns.”  Christine and her team go from county to county, ordering pizza and snacks for groups of women who want to get savvy.  They show them how easy it is to start and facilitate their own club – and, how easy it really is to set goals and save money!

I’d like my money club to focus on single, divorced moms. I’m going to reach out to our amazing Second Saturday community and see who wants to start one with me.  I’ve been ready and willing for a long time – while it’s a true stretch to add something else to my “plate,” it’s definitely time to bring “able” to my table!

To learn more, visit WIFE’s Money Clubs.  Meanwhile, I’ll be reporting back in on my progress!

Yours in health, happiness and abundance,



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