Money Club Participation Reaches an All Time High!

Second Saturday Program sponsored Money Club participation has hit an all time high!

We now have 442 Money Clubs with 2,852 members in 46 states plus 7 other countries, with new ones cropping up all the time.

Money Clubs are the non-fattening and fun curriculum created by expert/thought leaders Candace and Ginita that teach everyone how to take charge of their finances – from getting out of debt to budgeting to investing and everything in between, Money Clubs do it all.

I’m so excited that June marks the third meeting of our new San Diego based Money Club.  We began month #1 dealing with our emotions around money.

I was amazed (but not surprised) that in a room of 20 women from all walks of life, we all share the same emotion around money – fear.  It is fear that holds us back in love, life, and yes…. finances.

Every month we come up with a way to save money, make money and feel good about money, which is helping dissolve our fears as we share all these great ways to increase our cash flow.

Here’s what else we’ve learned:

  • #1 – We aren’t alone!
  • #2:  Knowledge is power – the more we dive INTO our fears, the smaller they become
  • #3:  Joining or starting a Money Club is the fastest track to creating your financial dreams.  Women love learning in groups, and guess what?  WOMEN ARE REALLY SMART.

For more information on joining or starting a sponsored Money Club in your area, visit

If you are in the San Diego area:
Find Out More about the San Diego Money Club

Yours in Attracting Abundance,

Elizabeth Bryan

2 thoughts on “Money Club Participation Reaches an All Time High!”

  1. Why is the San Diego club, Money, Mind and Spirit Money Club, charging $15 per session? I saw the flyer, thought interesting but let me find out who is behind this before attending. I came to the site. It says that all money clubs are free, NO CHARGE. Why the discrepancy?

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