1. All Money Club discussions must be treated as confidential. Sign the Money Club Pledge , and uphold it for your own benefit as well as the power of the group.
  2. Keep focused on the objective and work together in harmony. Friendly disagreements are okay.
  3. Your major role is to stay in the group – the group is the power. Attendance at every meeting is mandatory. To keep the group viable and functioning, the group may eliminate a person after three absences.
  4. Don’t hog the limelight. Provide an opportunity for every member of the group to shine and be heard.
  5. Read the materials and do the exercises assigned in advance of each meeting. What you contribute to the Money Club will make a difference for everyone. As you move ahead, so will your group. Put the power of the Club to work for you.
  6.  Be available between meetings, because it’s always nice to receive and give support.
  7. Be willing to accept and promote positive change in your financial life and the lives of others.
  8. Seek new knowledge every day. In between meetings, jot down your Money Miracles and your daily successes toward becoming a Money Star to share with your fellow members.
  9. Repeat your Money Magic every day, and think about ways that it can draw money to you. What will you do today?
  10. Realize that your financial life will improve by participating in the Money Club. Stick with it. Progress is inevitable if you are committed.
  11. When it is your turn to facilitate a meeting, be prepared. Read in advance the basic outline for the meeting in the Money Zone. You can make the meeting even more powerful by researching the topic and bringing additional materials or articles to share with the group.