Money Zone: Education Planning

Saving for a college education is a goal that many families share, even as they despair at the potential cost. If you plan to pay for your child’s education, the time to start saving is when your child is in diapers. But don’t give up if you’ve gotten a late start. A smart savings strategy and a little help from Uncle Sam can make it possible for almost anyone to get the college education they deserve. We’ll tell you how.

Education Planning: Member Guide

If you have children, chances are that providing a college education for them is high on your list of goals. With the cost of tuition, fees, room and board for four years at a private university averaging $108,000 and state school costs averaging $42,000 for four years, it’s no wonder parents are in a cold […]

Education Planning: Calculating the Costs

Given the high cost of a college education, you might sometimes say “Why bother? I’ll never be able to save enough.” But as a future Money Star, you know that ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. There are lots of ways you can conquer the education cost woes. We know of someone who […]