Money Club: Glossary

As Usual

As Usual is the part of Money Club meetings that remains the same each time. The As Usual section maintains the momentum from meeting to meeting by helping you think positively and set realistic goals. Always a good thing!

Catch Yourself Doing Something Right

This part of the As Usual section provides an opportunity for you to pat yourself and your fellow group members on the back for a goal accomplished or a job well done.


Icebreakers are fun group activities to break the ice at Money Club meetings. They get everyone in the group laughing and not taking money matters so seriously! :

Just for You

Just for You is the part of a Money Zone that you do all by yourself. This section helps you concentrate on an area of money management — privately and at your own pace.

Money Club

The Money Club is simply the newest, fastest growing, and best way to get together with your friends and start improving your financial life!

Money Attraction Affirmations

Money Attraction Affirmations are simple statements that help bring prosperity into your life. Money Attraction Affirmations help you to change negative, money-repelling energy into positive, money-gathering energy.

Money Miracle

Money Miracles are unexpected good fortune that occur in-between meetings. Examples of Money Miracles: receiving an unexpected refund check, finding out that the roof doesn’t need to be fixed, or hearing that your kids prefer to buy clothes at the cheapest store at the mall.

Money Star

A Money Star is the kind of money-savvy, girlfriend-inspiring woman we all hope to be. An MS is the type of gal who feels in control of her financial life, who helps all her friends to be more intelligent, comfortable, and compassionate with their money.

Money Truths and Dreams Questionnaire

This questionnaire helps you get it all out on paper — your hopes and realities, challenges and desires. Use this questionnaire to show the truth about your current money situation, and to explore your dreams for your financial future. This questionnaire will be the basis for your Personal Money Zone Map.

Money Zones

Money Zones are areas of money management, such as retirement planning or credit card debt. The activities in each zone are entertaining and educational ways of clearing the cobwebs from an area of your financial life.

Money Zone Map

This is your guide to prioritizing the Money Zones. On your Personal Money Zone Map you will identify the areas in which you would like to concentrate. The Group Money Zone Map is created by combining the results from each member’s Personal Money Zone Map. Keep the Group Money Zone Map handy. Each time your Money Club completes a Zone, you’ll be able to consult this Map to see what you’ll be covering next.

Small Steps

These are small activities you can do that become the building blocks to achieve your financial dreams. Small Steps take 15 minutes or less, and feel great when you’re done! Remember, Money Stars are created, step by step.

Things to Talk About

These are — you guessed it — things to talk about! You know, group discussion questions for Money Club meetings. These questions are designed to help you get started sharing your concerns and ideas on the Money Zone topics.

What Will You Do Today?

These are mini-plans for the next week that will put you further on the road to becoming a Money Star. These include specific small goals that will move you forward on the path to your financial dreams.