Money Zone: Using the Internet for Financial Education

Using the Internet for financial education offers great advantages over the old fashioned newspaper on your doorstep. By surfing a variety of sources, you can get many perspectives on a money topic as well as up-to-the-minute information on the stock market and financial trends. Our short course on searching the Internet for financial information will show you how to become more familiar with the most popular search engines, and help you construct a search that will lead to financial information on a particular topic.

Using the Internet for Financial Education: Member Guide

The Electronic Age has created tremendous opportunities for financial education. You can use the Internet to learn about investment options, keep up on the latest financial trends, and improve your general financial skills. So round ’em up and head ’em out as we explore the wild new Cyber-Frontier.

Searching the Internet

You may be wondering: How the heck do I find what I’m looking for in the vast expanses of cyberspace? How do I tell good quality information from junk?