Start a Money Club

Money Clubs are an incredibly successful new way for women to get together to achieve their money dreams and support each other on their journey to prosperity.

You and your friends will find that your Money Club is a fun, easy way to resolve financial issues that always seem to get in your way. Start a Money Club, and you’ll find that by helping others, you help yourself.


  • Step 1: Just Do It
  • Step 2: Use Your Calendar
  • Step 3: Use Your Address Book
  • Step 4: Decide on a Place
  • Step 5: Choose a Name and Make an Invitation
  • Step 6: Prepare for the First Meeting
  • Step 7: Send Reminders and Make Copies
  • Step 8: Build Your Club

Eight Easy Steps

Step 1: Just Do It

Starting a Money Club is starting a personal adventure in financial freedom. Think of it as a cheerleading team. Starting a Money Club is the first step to motivate you to do your best in resolving those financial issues that always seem to get in your way. Onward!

Step 2: Use Your Calendar

The greatest benefit of having your own Money Club is that you can choose the date, place and time that suits you and your lifestyle the best. Choose a date that is open on your calendar now. You are the first member in your Money Club and you are free to do this. Then choose a time that is best for you. Write it in your appointment book.

Step 3: Use Your Address Book

Great! Now that you have a commitment to yourself, list others you want to join your Money Club. List people who you deem willing to make changes in their lives and support others’ dreams and goals. Be open to people in other groups with you: church, work, your school, and your kids’ school. Also consider recruiting members through the local bulletin board at the library, coffee shop or grocery store. You can also scout out others in your area who are interested in joining a Money Club by entering your zip code at the Money Club Locator.

Step 4: Decide on a Place

The best place is one that is comfortable for guests, safe and easy for you and has access to refreshments. If you are like Martha Stewart, then choose your home and try out a new recipe or make it potluck. If you are like Oprah Winfrey, then choose the conference room at work during lunch or after business hours. If you are like The Mommies, then choose the coffee shop near the kids’ school and buy-your-own latte.

Step 5: Choose a Name and Make an Invitation
2-3 Weeks Before Your Meeting

Before you send out invitations, you might want to choose a working name for your Money Club to attract people. Then it’s time to send out invitations. Send three times as many invitations as the number of Money Club members you want. We recommend 5-6 members including you, but even two people, you and another person, can be a club.

Your style will determine how you make the invitation. If you are like Martha Stewart, you might want to handwrite special invitations. If you are like Oprah Winfrey, you might send an email. If you are like The Mommies, you might announce it at the next PTA or church meeting. You also can use the Money Club Brochure , which explains the club and includes a space to invite your friend to join your Money Club. You can download the brochure and make copies, or send a self-stamped, self-addressed envelope to:

The Money Club Brochure
PO Box 910014
San Diego, CA 92191

and request a copy of the brochure.

Step 6: Prepare for the First Meeting
2 Weeks Before Your Meeting

While you wait for the others to RSVP, you can get ready for your first meeting. Here are the documents that you should review to get ready for your Money Club’s first meeting. Email us with any questions you have before your first meeting.

Step 7: Send Reminders and Make Copies
(5 Days Before Your Meeting)

Remember this: You have made a commitment to yourself to become a Money-Savvy woman. You have a date, time and place to start. You are the first member of your Money Club and your RSVP is YES! Send reminders to the people you invited and make copies of the following documents for the number of people you estimate will be there.

Step 8: Build Your Club

Keep your Meeting Guide for Leaders and Tips for Success in mind. Visualize you and 5 other people, always. But even two can be a club. Be open to changes in your club. People come and people go, but you always remain — true to your commitment to become financially savvy.

Understand that to LEARN is the goal of each individual member, and it is not your responsibility to teach. Your responsibility is to provide a forum where everyone can TALK openly and supportively using the discussion questions offered for each Money Zone and to be a cheerleader to each other. Anyone can talk. Everyone can cheer!

Amazing Things Happen in Money Clubs!