Money Zone: Estate Planning

Everyone needs an estate plan, even if it’s only a simple will. Why? Because your home, your heirlooms and your money might not get to the right people in your life. Don’t let the spookiness of thinking about your own demise prevent you from taking responsibility for those you love. No matter what your financial situation, you can create a simple will that states how your assets will be distributed and who will care for your children and the funds you leave them. We’ll tell you how.

Estate Planning: Member Guide

If you don’t have a will, you don’t have a control your own estate and ensure that your assets will be distributed as you wish. Yet millions of Americans don’t have a will or trust in place. You shouldn’t add to those numbers-providing for what happens after you go is the responsible thing to […]

Estate Planning: Contingency Day

Because you never know what might happen in life, we encourage everyone to schedule a “Contingency Day,” a day on which you and your partner discuss your finances frankly and openly. After going through the process once, you should update your discussion by having a contingency day meeting each year. The most caring activity in […]