Money Zone: Kids and Money

Teaching your child about finances is more than imparting smart money management tools. You are instilling in your son or daughter the skills and values they need to succeed later in life: responsibility, patience, the importance of charitable giving, and the benefits of planning. They will also be better prepared to deal with the challenges of the workplace and the lure of credit card offers. A great way to start is by having fun with money. Check out our money games for kids of all ages.

Kids and Money: Member Guide

Teaching your children about money is the best way to impart your most important values-as well as to make sure that they don’t wind up broke on your doorstep at 35. Giving your kids the tools to manage their own money wisely can instill in them a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence as they set […]

Kids and Money: Playing Games With Your Money

Learning about money doesn’t have to be tedious or dull. Games are a fun, non-threatening way to teach your kids about money, saving, and responsibility. Use the three games below to get you started “playing with money” in your family. Once you have the hang of it, see if your kids can come up with […]