Money Zone: Earning Money Without a Job

Women have been using their ingenuity to create their own opportunities for years. But do you have what it takes to start your own business? There’s no magic to it. Just be sure you have the discipline and the focus to work for yourself. See how you rate on our Entrepreneurial Aptitude Test.

Earning Money Without a Job: Member Guide

You can still bring home the bacon without a full-time job. Making money from your own business (of whatever size) can be rewarding financially as well as emotionally. You are in control. The business can be part time or full time, solo or with partners and employees, big or small. It’s all up to you. […]

Earning Money Without a Job: Starting a Business

Before you decide to start your own business, figure out whether that’s the right move given your circumstances and personality. Remember, if you go into business for yourself, you will have no one to report to. While that may seem like a blessing, you must also be prepared to do many jobs yourself, at least […]