Money Zone: Establishing/Repairing Credit

It’s only when they get turned down for credit that most people realize how important good credit is for getting the things they want: a mortgage, a car, an apartment or even a job. If you’re a woman who’s depended on someone else for managing your credit, let us show you how to get your own credit. If you do have a credit history, we’ll tell you how to check on it and how to correct any errors.

Establishing/Repairing Credit: Member Guide

Establishing credit in your own name (or fixing the credit you already have) will help you buy a house, a car, or any other major purchase you desire-at the very best rates. Improving your credit is easier than you think. We’ll show you how. Icebreaker When did you first use a credit card-your own or […]

Credit Beginnings and Credit Fixes

If you don’t have credit in your name. Then, you need to get some! Getting your first credit card can be tricky, because many credit card companies want to see a credit history before they give you credit, and you need to develop a credit history by having a credit card account. Seems like an […]