Money Zone: Credit Card Debt

Credit card moments — we all have them. Did you ever exceed your spending limit? Pay one card with a balance transfer from another? Find something outrageous on your credit card bill? If you carry a balance on your credit cards, this Money Zone will help you to get out of credit card debt, fast-as-you-can.

Credit Card Debt: Member Guide

Credit cards are convenient and easy to use — sometimes way too easy. No one likes to say no to herself or her loved ones. It’s much easier to just whip out that plastic and make the problem go away — at least until the end of the month when the bills come! If you […]

Credit Card Debt: Get Out of Debt Quick

For this one, you’ll need your credit card bills. A recent copy of each of them. We’re not kidding. Ughh! Don’t worry — no one will see them. This is just for you — between you, yourself, and your credit rating. Also, get a calculator and a piece of paper. First, let’s get an idea […]