Money Zone: Banking

How did you choose your bank? Did you pick the one around the corner from your house or your job? Convenience is only one aspect of selecting a bank. You need to learn just how much your financial institution is costing you each month (think fees, fees and more fees). And then decide what’s most important to you when it comes to banking. Our handy checklist of bank services can help you decide

Banking: Member Guide

Your financial institution can be your partner in pursuing financial freedom. Whether you use a bank, credit union, savings and loan, a money market account at a brokerage company, or some combination, your choice of financial institution can make your financial life much easier. Icebreaker What kinds of financial institutions have you used in the […]

Banking: Choosing a Financial Institution

People generally choose a bank based on three things: location, location-and, of course, location. But is your neighborhood bank the best financial institution for you? By examining your needs and available options, you can make sure that you are getting the best deal. And that research can really pay off, possibly saving you hundreds of […]