Money Zone: Reading the Financial News

Keeping up on the financial news means more than just watching the TV business news or reading an occasional web article. It means understanding, integrating, and prioritizing what you hear and read. We know that it can be hard to deal with all of this complexity. But you have to begin somewhere. Start with our WIFE-o-nomics 101 course below.

Reading the Financial News: Member Guide

We are all members of an intricate financial network that spans the globe, relating gold miners in South Africa to rice farmers in Japan to bankers in Switzerland to restaurant owners in the United States. The name of this financial network? The global economy. Reading the financial news is how you find out what’s going on in this delicate yet powerful system.

Exploring the Financial World

Every day you are bombarded with a bewildering array of financial and economic information. Reports on such items as the GDP, unemployment rate, consumer price index, and the money supply are publicized not only in the financial news but also in local newspapers.