Money Zone: Getting Organized

Organization is a difficult topic for many people. We seem to have a lot of guilt about our organizational skills. Just notice how so many women’s magazines showcase articles on organizing everything from your closet to your finances. The trick is to find a system that lets you accomplish as much as you choose, without being cumbersome.

Getting Organized: Member Guide

Getting organized is a never-ending process-just when you think you’ve gotten it all together, something changes and you need to organize it all again! This Money Zone will help you get more organized and (believe it or not) enjoy the process. Icebreaker Go around the room and give an example of an organizational technique that […]

Getting Organized: Organizing Your Family’s Records

Got records? Most people do. But can you find last month’s bank statement? A copy of your will? The manual for your VCR? If your answer was something unprintable, you might need to get a bit more organized. This is an excellent time to set up a financial record-keeping system for your family. So, let’s […]