It’s Time to Change Your Money Habits

Here’s How to Do It

Are you living from paycheck to paycheck? Do you hate the way your credit card debt keeps creeping up? Do you dream of buying your own home or a new car but don’t think you’ll ever have enough money? There are no magical solutions to suddenly getting out of debt, being able to save hundreds of dollars each month, and affording life’s luxuries… but there are good money habits!

If you are ready to change your relationship to money, then we can help.

Here at WIFE, we have designed a totally free program called The Money Club. The beauty of the Money Club is that you don’t have to do it alone! In fact, the whole point is bringing women together so that they can provide each other with support, accountability, and friendship.

How the Money Club Works

The Money Club is designed as a series of 33 unique money lessons called “Money Zones.” Each month, your group meets and reviews one of the lessons. You can go in order, or switch around the order to focus on the zones that are the most meaningful to you.

In each meeting, one member leads the lesson. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a financial guru or an investment advisor to lead a lesson. Just follow our guides and worksheets, and it’s easy. Each lesson contains:

  • A short summary on the money topic
  • An icebreaker which helps the group think about how they relate to the topic
  • Conversation topics for the group to discuss
  • Share your success – a prompt to encourage members to express what they’re doing right
  • Goal setting – A list of small changes members can make to improve their money habits related to the topic
  • Money attraction affirmations – A short affirmation to help members stick to their goals and develop a positive relationship with money.

Want to see how it works? Here’s a link to our Saving Money Zone Worksheet.

The beauty of the Money Club is that it utilizes the power of group accountability and female friendship to make learning about money enjoyable and empowering. This group is meant to be a fun, welcoming, and inclusive environment.

Anyone can get something out of the Money Club, whether you are struggling just to pay your bills or whether you have the basics down and want to take your money game to the next level.

Did we mention that it is totally free?

Here’s a look at just a handful of the Money Zone Topics you’ll tackle as part of the Money Club:

  • Your Money Style
  • Net Worth
  • Saving
  • Budgeting
  • Cutting Expenses
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Investing
  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance
  • Career
  • Education Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Kids and Money
  • Buying a House
  • Providing for Parents
  • Divorce

There’s no time like the present to start a Money Club. Grab some of your best gal pals and get started today!

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