It’s Time to Change Your Money Habits

Here’s How to Do It Are you living from paycheck to paycheck? Do you hate the way your credit card debt keeps creeping up? Do you dream of buying your own home or a new car but don’t think you’ll ever have enough money? There are no magical solutions to suddenly getting out of debt, […]

Are You Ready to Finally Start Your Emergency Savings Fund? Take the 21-Day Savings Makeover

If you got a bill for $387.81 right now, could you pay it off without using your credit cards, begging family members, or taking out a payday loan with a huge interest rate? It just so happens that $387.81 is the average cost of a car repair when the check engine light comes on. If […]

Do You Know Your Net Worth…And Does It Matter?

How to Compute Your Net Worth You may have heard someone at a party brag about their “net worth” (usually after a few drinks). At its most basic level, a person’s net worth is simply the amount of their assets (the things they own) minus their liabilities (how much they owe). The fair value of […]

Need Some Group Support for Money Issues?

Empower Your Financial Transformation with Money Clubs™ If you’ve ever set a big goal for yourself, you know how much it can help when you announce the goal to your friends and family…or better yet, recruit them to participate with you. Saying your goal out loud makes it feel more real, and once your family […]