Love is Grand – $30 Grand

February is the month for hopeless — and hopeful – romantics.

Here is a roadmap to the courting process, courtesy of our friends at Turbotax.

Love is grand, it’s true. But as you head down the road to everlasting love, you’d better start saving – the cost of a wedding averages almost $30 grand. It may sound steep, but the value of true love forever? Priceless.

The cost of Love

2 thoughts on “Love is Grand – $30 Grand”

  1. I don’t believe its “cheaper” saves money by being married! When both spouses work it actually higher tax pay-out, old theory, tax break only when someone does not work, and these days families need both incomes to survive.

    1. In most cases, since the efforts to remove the marriage tax penalty, income taxes are very similar whether you are married or single. If only one spouse works, then the working spouse will find his income taxed at a much lower level if he is married filing a joint tax return than he would have paid if single. And I agree with you, in most families two incomes are needed.

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