Your ‘Net Worthy’

Welcome to “Your Net Worthy,” a blog that will share tips and tools to increase something equally if not more important as your net worth:  it’s called your “net worthy.”


Net worth is defined as a snapshot of where you are at financially:  what you would have in cash if you sold everything you owned of value and paid off any debt.  Obviously, it is a fluid number that can be greatly impacted by life and its transitions.

Your “net worthy” is what you believe deep down that you truly deserve:  it’s how you feel about yourself, how you believe the world sees you, and how you respond to life’s joys and challenges. Your “net worthy” affects your emotions, informs your behavior.  And, because it also informs your saving and spending patterns, it can greatly impact your net worth.

Because net worth is fluid, “net worthy” follows suit.  There are many life situations that have the potential to knock us off our feet and make us question ourselves.  Divorce is first in my mind, as I’ve survived two.  But over the years I’ve also learned this:  from changing jobs to parenting, divorce, death, illness, world crisis and everything in-between, just about any challenge can potentially toss us down the well of self-doubt. And, no matter how big your bank account, when things get tough, the old adage is true:  “Money can’t buy happiness.”

The key to a strong, consistent “net worthy” begins with self-care:  investing in yourself – emotionally, physically and spiritually.  This means creating a personalized toolbox of practices to apply when hardship hits – and, knowing how to use them.

Next month we’ll explore beginning practices that support your “net worthy” and will help produce an ROI that will reap benefits in all aspects of your life.

Yours in wellness,


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