Where to Search for Hidden Assets During Divorce

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My husband just told me he wants a divorce, and he says he’s been thinking about it for quite a while. I’m afraid that he’s taken steps to hide money so that I won’t receive a fair share of our property. Where can I look to try to find any hidden money?

AnswerIt’s smart of you to be suspicious. Although by and large people are pretty honest while going through divorce, too many women trust their husbands when they shouldn’t. As a forensic accountant, I’ve seen a lot of cases where a husband tries to hide assets so he can keep more of a couple’s martial estate. Fortunately, many men try to hide cash in predictable places. Finding hidden assets is one of my specialties, and here are the first places I always look:

  • Antiques, artwork or hobby equipment: Your husband may convert cash into an expensive asset and then under-report its value. Look for new purchases, like furniture, artwork, watches, etc., especially at his office.
  • Delayed bonuses, stock options, or raises: If your husband gets stock options or a bonus before the divorce, that extra money will be included in the martial estate, which he might have to split with you.
  • Unreported income: If your husband is involved in any type of cash enterprise, he may be able to pocket the cash without reporting it on his tax returns and financial statements, which means you might never even know it exists! If you’ve ever felt that your lifestyle costs are greater than your combined income or that your husband always seems to be flush with unexpected cash, this suspicion is worth pursuing.
  • Custodial account: Your husband may try to hide cash by setting up a custodial account in the name of a child, using the child’s social security number.
  • Debt repayment: If your husband has an outstanding debt, he may decide it’s better to use his savings to pay it off rather than split that money with you. Men will sometimes pay a phony debt to a friend, with the pre-arrangement that the friend will hold the money until after the divorce and then return it.
  • Salary paid to a nonexistent employee: If your husband owns a business, he may funnel assets in the form of salary to a fake employee. To get the cash back after the divorce, all he has to do is void the checks.
  • Fake payments: In collusion with a family member, friend, or new girlfriend, your husband may pay for fake services or products. He can do this out of his private accounts or funnel revenue out of his business this way. The money will no doubt be given back to your spouse after the divorce is final. It is in your interest to carefully review all business and personal transactions.
  • Delay in signing long-term business contracts: A new business contract could mean a lot of money for a business; money your husband doesn’t want to share with you. If he purposefully delays the signing of a new contract until after the divorce, that can be construed as hiding assets.
  • Expenses paid for a girlfriend: This includes such things as gifts, travel, jewelry, rent or college tuition.
  • Investment in bonds with no interest: This includes municipal bonds or Series EE Savings Bonds for which no interest is reported on tax returns. If it isn’t reported, you may not realize it exists.

 If something does add up in the income your husband is reporting, let your attorney know right away. Your attorney may need to hire a forensic accountant to start digging a little deeper into your husband’s finances. It may be a lot of work, but if your husband is hiding assets, you could be losing out on a large amount of money that you are rightfully owed!

As you can see, divorce can get really complicated, especially if your husband plays hardball. Arm yourself with the knowledge you need by attending a Second Saturday Divorce Workshop near you and by reading more of our helpful divorce articles just for women.

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  3. Why do people hire attorney’s when they know they’ll lose? I have (had) money and retirement savings and he gets half no matter what

    1. If you assume that attorneys are only needed to do battle in court, and your only assets are savings and retirement, and none of it is separate property, then you are right. But if you have more assets, or need advice, or need to have a divorce agreement drawn up, then you likely will need an attorney.


    1. Absolutely!! If you have good solid evidence that there were assets when you separated and divorced that existed but were not previously divided, I’ll bet that you can petition to have your divorce opened up again for the purpose of dividing after-discovered assets. I suggest you show your evidence to an attorney who knows the laws in your state to see if it is sufficient to open the case again.

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  7. Hello-

    I was married for 15.5 years. My ex and I started out with nothing and built a life together. When out first child was born we agreed that I would stay home to care for him. We cashed out my retirement and I babysat, and then was able to work for a Realtor and still care for my son. When our son was 18 month we learned that he has autism, we also learned that I was pregnant with our second child. We purchased a home together. He made all the choices financially. We did not have a joint checking account, he gave me an allowance for me, the boys, gas, food, and household supplies, all separate transfers, labeled. Due to our circumstances, I was required to be home so my son could get the support he needed. After 5.6 years, my husband sold the house to his family trust. I had to sign paperwork, but I have very little memory of it. We continued to make payments on the house for another 5.10 years until we divorced. I could not hire a lawyer, I didn’t have a full time job yet, and did not have access to family money. In the MSA it states that I will not seek claim to his inheritance. Why would our house that we bought together and continued to make payments be considered “his” or inheritance? Our divorce is final, when I questioned his mom, the trustee, she said, “I did it to help you”. My family did a lot to help too. My ex barrowed $20k- I had no clue, over $50k of remodeling work and all the supplies, and he stayed with my brother 4-5 nights a week so he could work 2.5 hours away. All of this was after the house was purchased by the trust. Is there any way that I can get my fair share? He sold the house 2.5 years after our divorce. He purchased a house that was significantly more expensive, and is selling that one now, which is 2x as much as our home.
    I am in California, and I have been renting all these years, paying more than he does for a $1.3 M house.

    1. So many unanswered questions — he “sold” the home to his family trust. Are you talking about the family he has of you and your kids (Family #1), or his parents and his siblings (Family #2), or what? If he sold it to the Family #2 trust, was it sold for fair value? If so, how much and what did he do with the money he got in exchange for the equity? And you need to talk to an attorney, because he used your money to make mortgage payments, so it seems as though you have an interest in the house even though it belongs to the trust, or if not, some sort of claim against your spouse for funds he diverted from the marriage. Ditto for funds he used to improve the home that belonged to the two of you. You say there’s an MSA — don’t sign it until you get it reviewed by an attorney who knows all the facts and circumstances of this case. If you have already divorced and the MSA has been filed, find out from an attorney if you can open up the case again and on what grounds.

    1. Your divorce agreement should state the property you are to receive and she is to receive. Make sure that you effect all necessary paperwork to transfer her assets to her and to transfer your assets to you. Whatever you accumulate after divorce is yours, and whatever she accumulates after divorce is hers. She is not entitled to any of your assets after you divorce, so there shouldn’t be any “protection” needed. If you are worried she might sneak into your home in the dead of night and steal something, is she has a key then you should change the locks. If you have grounds for this worry, then you should get a restraining order and lodge it with your local police department.

  8. Why cant women leave alone a man whose earn his money it’s not your money to begin with this article and website is sexist towards men you should all feel ashamed of yourselves

      1. Hi I met my 1st boyfriend at sweet 16, we opened a joint account when I was 18 and he was 20 to save for a home to get married. . It was very hard marriage. He was very controlling but worked a LOT at our business of Plumbing Supplies. after we flipped a few homes and I cut Hair on the side to make ends meet when thing were tight, as the years went on I always fed my family healthy home cooked meals sometimes 3 meals a day, got all the children to their activities and kept a sparkling clean home. I handled all the bills and am very frugal and minimalist, my husband is a spender and so EXTRA, I got our 30 year mortgage paid down in 13 years and always saved keeping us debt free, Well We saved a LOT for retirement and her I am at 62 and he betrays me. He has hidden all his work checks and BIG bonuses twice a year usually about 100,00.00 each, we have income form cell phone towers on TOP of our business, like Sprint and AT & T etc…and are in a buy/sell, I am afraid my lawyer wont find all the money he is hiding, I have all his info knowing him since 16, I am sure he has hidden so much money in our 3 youngest bank accounts. Can he subpoena our children’s bank accounts pretty sure he dropped 160,000.00 in our sons accounts. , Well after being a great wife to him always trying to be perfect and thin and make up done when he came home from work, his meals ready and sparkling house, working so much harder BILLY above, a homemaker who takes her job serious works harder than going to work everyday, we NEVER get a sick day or day off and even vacationing we ae still cooking cleaning taking care of everyones needs and I made sure to always being *available* to my husband so he world not stray. but you know what he is a very cruel grumpy 64 who acts 75 except he can’t get enough sex! and raising and homeschooling our 5 children, he never cared if i was tired, he alays wanted whatever he wanted whenevr he wanted. He coulod trust me to handle all the finances cause I am the frugal one. We would not of saved 1/2 the money we have if not for my frugalness. and now I see he has been hiding money everywhere. I live at my retired sisters till this awful divoce is over. I love her for taking me in and loving me so much for the 1st time in 40 years I don’t feel like I am living in a pressure cooker. and walking on eggshells. He broke the vows, I was going to stick it out but now soon I will be free of all his control! and PA is a 1/2 and 1/2 state but because he locked me out of our accounts and has been so nasty, my lawyer really thinks the judge will find in my favor. maybe even 70/30 What do you think? I m so hurt and betrayed. Pleas pray My lawyer finds all the money he has been hiding for almost 2 years and when i looked back over our accounts he has .planning this so long and i said you did with me (You know what only loving couples should do) after what you did? he said why wouldn’t I? what else is mrriage for, 🙁 Do you think I should ask my lawyer for a forensic audit of him and our business?

        1. The first thing for you to do is to find the accounts where he’s stashed the cash. Your attorney can subpoena any accounts in his name that you know about (you just have to know the name of the financial institution). As for accounts in someone else’s name, you’ll need to ask your attorney what proof you need in order to join them into your divorce case and get access to their records because they are holding marital property. As for how a judge might rule, your attorney knows the law in your state and likely the customs of your particular judge, so ask your questions of your attorney. They are there to answer them. As to getting a “financial audit” of him and his business, that involves going through records that you have provided or your attorney had obtained through subpoena or requests for documents. It is likely that you and your attorney can review those documents and won’t need to hire a forensic accountant to review them, but if they present a picture that is difficult to follow, you may need a forensic accountant to “follow the money” and issue a report on what they find. Your attorney can advise you as to whether and when that is necessary.

    1. Kimi Cunningham

      Billy, my ex threw me off an embankment breaking my back then after surgery threw me into a wall with such force it knocked an earthquake secured cabinet off the walll breaking metal and everything in it. I can no longer work and he has gone into hidding so he doesn’t have to pay alimony. I now require assistance to bathe, cook, and clean. How I wish I could stand, feel my feet and my hands. I never imagined I would be in this position. He could have handled things as an adult. He made poor decisions that had consequences. Turning 40 and a mid life crises is not acceptable. I can’t even socialize because of my condition. There are all types of situations Billy, don’t presume or be so nieve.

      1. That’s terrible, but exceptions and rules… our legal system is antiquated when it comes to divorce and is overly used as a means of punishment opposed to an equitable separation. In a day and age where both men and women are increasingly college educated and working careers we should strive to update our legal system.

        1. I respectfully disagree. When you enter into a legally binding contract, (marriage) therefore you completely trust your spouse, quit your career to raise the 4 kids he begged for, you do all house maintenance, cooking, cleaning, shopping, helping with homework, pediatric visits, sit up with sick children while sick yourself all night, etc.. while your spouse wines, dines, and takes side pieces on 5 star vacations, spends money you don’t have for a new school bookbag or whatever in a brothel, while you are home “holding down the fort” which continues to increase in value but vacationing spouse finagled house renovation to look like it was paid from premarital account with inheritance money while it earns value, (tracing)…. Only to be left high and dry there needs to be something set aside so you can continue raising your kids and not be homeless. For a single mother with 4 kids to get back into her career, starting at wages she started at not too far into her career; financial compensation for life given up and to continue to raise those children (therapy for these kids isn’t cheap after Dad couldn’t keep his sex addiction in check) is NOT punishment but following through on damage control after he broke that legally binding marriage contract. Health insurance premiums, copays, and coinsurance alone would eat my salary. If we were talking about a business, most of you whining about it’s my money or shouldn’t be punished for…. would be fighting for what is right just like a lot of us here are. Forget about the life and family unit I don’t have now b/c asshat decided he couldn’t deal with the responsibilities of marriage and a family, despite being home only 6 days a month, (airline pilot) nor the emotional abuse I was subjected to and suffer as a result of. We’re only talking about survival here. Even in gambling, it’s called reneging. You would be okay if your opponent lost according to the rules for reneging. It’s not like the rules weren’t clear before entering into the contract. Sadly in Virginia, there’s no consequences for being morally bankrupt and conning your own family. It’s only against the law when who your conning isn’t your family.

          1. In most states, alimony is available to help the supported spouse get on their feet again. And all states have laws regarding the division of marital property that exists when you divorce. Very few states have laws to judge and punish spouses who “break the marriage vows”.

    2. Hi Billy, guess what? I’m a doctor and I just discovered that my husband has been giving my entire income away to his parents since 2007 without my knowledge. Is my income his? Is his income then mine? The law is the law for a reason. This site is to help spouses gain financial transparency.

      Oh, one last question for men married to women who are not working professionals: what would it cost for 24/7 childcare per hour?


    3. Try rising 2 kids for 20 years, be an excellent homemaker 24/7 while allowing space and time for your partner to provide for family, advance education and career, travel, peruse passions while you are in the same place professionally when you started- nowhere. Then we will talk my dear.

    4. Marriage means you build a life TOGETHER not you do you and I do me. Just because a man/woman doesn’t earn as much or a man/woman decides they want out and decide to hide stuff doesn’t mean a significant other isn’t entitled to those assets. This article is targeting women but it also applies to men just as much. Billy you should feel ashamed of yourself to not realize that. If it is telling women to do it during a divorce men should likely take the same initiative. If man/woman purchased something prior to marriage that could be community property. Each state differs so it is wise for EVERYONE to know the laws of divorce before getting married and if you have concerns look into a prenup. To say it NOT YOUR MONEY TO BEGIN WITH is not what a marriage is. A couples money is a couples money. Each should also consider having their own separate bank account to save for such rainy days that they can put in writing that is not allowed to be touched in a divorce and there can be other stipulations prior to or even during a marriage a couple can agree upon to protect themselves from having nothing to restart if need be. Financial issues should always be in writing, notarized and updated. People want to get butt hurt – he/she doesn’t love me if they ask me to do that. Life is full of corners you can’t see around and love has nothing to do with it.

    5. When women give up their ability to earn “their own money” to care for the kids, cars, house, you when you’re sick etc., they have no other income to live on. The husband would not be able to acquire such reserves of money and family if his wife wasn’t taking care of everything needed in order for him to earn what he is trying to now keep from her. Can’t have it both ways. Can’t keep her from earning, have her make your life easier so you can “ get a head” and when childcare and life gets easier, divorce and expect her to start out later in life with nothing while you’ve been accumulating reserves the whole time. Put a price tag on what she did day in end day out, and she would be paying you spousal support and retirement. Ask a single, full custody father what he thinks raising kids and running a household is worth.

      1. Most states recognize that both spouses are contributing to the welfare of the family and each other, and that is why the funds earned during marriage are considered marital property subject to division in most states. And if one spouse has less earning power than the other, that they will need ongoing support to cover their lifestyle expenses and improve their employment skills.

  9. In my opinion the most legal and effective way to get your hands on records which can be used in court is to file a motion to compel asking the court to force the banks to give you all bank and investment accounts. It’s fast and it’s effective. You do need to have a good reason to explain to the judge why you believe these accounts exist. If you can’t file a motion to compel as a pro se’ applicant then have your attorney do it for you. I was able to get ALL BOA records from the bank. Later in another hearing 2 years later when he had to provide me records AGAIN during discovery and production of documents he provided only ONE of his bank accounts. I had to file ANOTHER motion to compel for the same records from two years earlier. Men can be evil and selfish and destructive. Keep your head… and stay as calm as possible. You will need a clear and intelligent head during this process. If at the end he wins… then move on. God has a special plan for men Like this. Also, Remember to keep an eye on him after the divorce… he will get lazy and comfortable and complacent. When you find something later…. take him back to court! With your evidence. And this means following him occasionally or having a PI if you can afford it. He will slip. Promise:)

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  11. Hi,
    My STBX husband has had a pattern, over many years, of ATM withdrawals and cash-back purchases, $60-80 at a time, when he *rarely* has any need for cash, if at all. I have done a credit report, and can’t find any accounts I’m not aware of. I feel deep in my gut that he has been stashing this cash somewhere, but have no idea where… under the mattress? In an offshore account? Do you have any recommendations?

    1. Mine does this too, except for way more than $60-$80. He doesn’t know what he did with $52,000. In one year! Credit report shows nothing unusual. I think his father is keeping money for him. Love to hear what you find out.

      1. List out all known sources of income, and what happens to that ordinarily. For example, net paycheck is deposited to checking account. Then go through that account(s) and see what funds were withdrawn or spent. Don’t forget that taxes are withheld from paychecks, so just because he earned $150,000 or whatever doesn’t mean he had that much at his disposal. You will need to find out what his net pay was and trace that amount into the account.

        1. Hi Gina,

          I have been doing what you suggested. All I can come up with is he takes cash and no trace of where it goes and he “doesn’t remember what he does with it”. He is a diagnosed pathological liar and narcissist. I have found he has started stock piling expensive guns, ammo, and hunting gear. I keep a tally of that. He spends about $300-400/mos. sometimes $800-$1200 randomly. I just found where I’m 2018 he gave his father our children’s ss #s and I confronted him. He says he doesn’t know what his father needed them for. Forensic computer analysis showed he had a file labeled “2018-Dad tax info”. When asked, he said it was tax info for his Aunt’s inheritance he received in 2011. His father was the executor so that made no sense. Also, he rushed a visa for Mexico. He’s a FedEx pilot. I told my attorney who told his. He came back and said it was for a trip he had to Mexico. He didn’t have a trip til 4 month later with a long layover. I also found Mexican banks in his search history. He only needed an updated passport, not a visa. My question is, is it legal for him to give our children’s ss#s out to his dad? Also, how can one find out if he has an account in Mexico? His father and brother conspired to do some really shady stuff to exSil and openly joked about it. I don’t trust any of them and worry they’ll be legal ramifications to my kids.

          1. It does seem like you’ve been doing your homework and gathering information. Good job! I’m not an attorney, but I’d be surprised if it is against the law for a father to provide his children’s social security numbers to their grandfather. But if those numbers were used to put the children into legal or financial jeopardy, I’m guessing that would be financial abuse or child abuse, which is not legal. Ask your attorney if he is able to subpoena those Mexican banks to get information regarding any funds deposited in your husband’s name. Your attorney can also question your husband under oath about this issue.

      2. Dana,
        How do you run a credit report on your husband without him knowing? My husband owns his own business and gets cash. I know he is hiding accounts and money but I can’t find proof. I also believe he is working on starting a business with his mistress (that he doesn’t know I know about).

        1. I guess you could go to freecreditreport.com and enter his social security number (I have no idea about the legality of doing this). It will show you his mortgage and credit cards and loans, and whether he pays them on time. It won’t show you bank and investment accounts and businesses that he owns, so if finding out about those is your main concern, don’t bother.

  12. Hi Ginita,
    Thank you for posting. It’s very helpful. I have bank statements that showed my husband transferred money left and right out of his accounts but he has refused to provide the names of the people he transferred the money to even after the court ordered him. He has violated 14 court orders so far and I am not sure of filing contempt motion is going to help much. My attorneys trying to ask the banks for the names but they have refused to provide citing privacy law. I am wondering if you have any other suggestions in finding out the names of the people receiving the wire transfers. Also, I know he hid some assets in Asia with his friends help in Asia. Any suggestions as how I can find them?

      1. He uses some part of the truth about a situation to make his lies seam true to people.even your own children.he getsbreally good at it as time goes on.the person hears the part that happened that is true and they believe his lies.

  13. Does anybody have the name of an individual or business (online or not) they have used to find hidden assets? Recommendations?

  14. How about if the money is rightfully his? That is, he made this money prior to the marriage. Wives often go after EVERYTHING regardless of what’s justified. That’s because they often feel it’s owed to them. Yet, if the husband were to attempt to do the same thing, he would be highly scrutinized & held to a much higher standard. Wives are always given the benefit of the doubt. Husbands are always treated with incredulity.

    1. In California, any party claiming separate property must be able to trace it back to property owned before marriage. The same laws apply to both husbands and wives. But you probably know that already, since you seem to know a great deal about what always happens in divorce.

  15. Very easy to hide Money. This what I did to my wife. I began going to the various card clubs in Southern California establishing that I had a horrible gambling debt And an addiction. Also started up In Las Vegas. I begin cashing checks and showed it as a loss but instead I paid a small percentage of The money and putting up players bank account. This player’s bank has no so security or my correct name. I stashed away about $750000 in this player’s bank. This is dangerous but my connections and paying off Credit cashierAssured me that the money would never be stolen.I then told my wife we should sell the house and live in a rental till our dream house is Built-in Manhattan Beach.We sold the house and I took half my money and put it in the bank. I took her app of the house and put the money in her account. And while she thought we were saving up for a piece of property I served her papers. All the other money that I had was stashed in that players bank and the money from the house gave me an error of legitimacy .. Never get too greedy the 150000 then I put in her account solidified and proved to the court I was honest and sincere a. She walked away with a 150000 I want to way with 1.4 million… Needless to say the $1800 a month child support for the next 3 years made me look even better to my kids who I visited on a weekly basis and still have a strong connection with. I was able to put both kids to college of their choice why there Mother squandered the money within 8 months.

    1. Hello Gina, my name is Sheryl I read a lot of your comments and responses on blogs. I understand I can not get any help in regard to any financial transactions pre-divorce after the divorce is final. However I did have An affidavit incorporated into the divorce that states that if any monies that were found after needed to be reimbursed at 100% I recently discovered 2010 tax returns where there’s almost a half $1 million that unaccounted for and a credit card in his name from 2012 to 2015. He left me after 16 years in three arguments to shack up with I believe the same person he used a credit card for in the past. What are the steps that I need to take as I do not have the financial resources to hire an attorney or forensic accountantbat this time. However if the monies that are discovered come back I will be able to reimburse that money… LOL. But seriously, is there anything I can do or any suggestions that you could give me please please please let me know I am brokenhearted pissed off like every other divorced woman that’s been betrayed I’m sure. Again thanks 1 million for your assistance if you can at all I provided you with my email and my phone number. Take loving care, Sheryl

      1. If the tax return shows income from an account that he has not revealed, you could open up the divorce and ask the court to make him produce documents for that account showing what was there and where it went. But if the tax return simply shows he made a lot of money and you know you don’t spend that much, that’s not actual evidence of hidden money you could present in court. Often though it seems on the surface there is money gone missing, by the time you deduct taxes and living expenses and known places money went like 401ks, there’s not really money missing. As for the credit card in his name, I guess you could have an attorney subpoena the records for those accounts to see what he spent it on. But first find out what you would have to gain if you found he spent money on his girlfriend. The cost of hiring and attorney and sending out the subpoena and analyzing the records and preparing declarations regarding the findings may be greater than what you could get on the issue.

      2. There is nothing a person can do to protect themselves from losing everything if the husband it gonna take it.i never thought about it over 40 years .not one time did I ever think about it .so how do u protect yourself from something that is not in your mind.

  16. Hi I have recently found out some information about my ex husband I guess you call him. Over 4 years ago after work I went and talked to a para legal to see if I could afford to divorce my husband and raise my kids left at home. Well when he called to find out where I was and I told him, he lost his mind and got so angry I never came home I was scared it was going to be a very bad situation if I did go back and I did not want my children to be in the middle of it. So now after all the brain washing he has done to our children who stayed with him because they did not want to change schools or leave their home they grew up in and mad at me because I had found someone else they are starting to fill me in about some dirty things he has been doing behind my back. We have never filed or signed any papers at all. But he makes a lot of money and gets bonuses, apparently he has a mustang shelby gt hidden somewhere and possibly in someone elses name, he was supposed to split his bonuses with me the first year since I split mine with him and he said he never received one which I know is bs. His boss, the owner of the company and now many more companies opened in other states since my ex n I split is an attorney and shady. It has been brought to my attention the attorney might be hiding my ex’s bonuses in some other fashion…how can I find out all the shady things these 2 are hiding from me and am I entitled to any of it. I had to relocate to our other home and the commute to my job was 2-3 hours each way and I would fall asleep every morning on my way to work and finally by the 4th time coming inches to crashing into someone I had to quit the best job I ever had. So I do not work, cant seem to get hired and all my credit cards I got on my own have turned me into collections, taking me to court and put leins kn my home. All my bills are months past due and my guy doesn’t make enough money to get us out of debt while my ex lives high as a hog with 3 robot floor cleaners for the 3 different levels of floors in the house and so much more. Please help

  17. After my husband filed for divorce I went thru all old records and was astounded what I found. If I found large amounts that were taken without my knowledge and have the bank records to prove it. Why is the forensic telling me these amounts were probably used for living expenses and dismissing them. Also if I have bank records is the burden of proof upon me to prove he took the money?

    Thank you

  18. Hi,
    What about the husband has been using his brother’s, mother’s and father’s name to open accounts to hide his money before entering the divorce?
    I also found out that he gifted his girl friend a large sum to buy house? How can I make him accountable?
    He also used his brother’s bame to buy property during our marriage.
    We never had joint account

  19. My ex is saying he has no money because he is bankrupt but before that happened he transfered his money and assets to his live in partner what can I do to find out ho

  20. I need to divorce my husband who lives and works abroad and I see only 2 or 3 times a year. He provides financially for me and our children but I have no idea how much money we have or even how much he earns. It is possible he has accounts and investments all over the world including Switzerland (he is a Swiss national). He says all his money is in the house that I live in and we need to split it 50/50 but I don’t believe him, how can I find out what he will not tell me?

  21. My partner us going through a divorce.. he thinks she has been planning this for years and has a bank account hidden I the daughters name. How can he find out. He lives in Scotland

    1. He can go through their records and see if he sees any money that is leaving the bank/investment accounts and he doesn’t see where it shows up in another account. Or money that he knows came in, but can’t see where it was deposited. And then he can ask her about it.

  22. Karen Anderson

    How can I go about finding bank accounts myself? I dont need to know the amount just need to know if hiding.

    1. Look around for clues as to accounts he might have or might have transferred funds to. If it appears that all of the money coming in is going into your known accounts, and you don’t see on statements that he’s transferred money elsewhere, then there may not be other accounts.

  23. Hi Ginita and Candace! Great article, great info, great advice…so thank you.
    I KNOW my almost ex is hiding cash. For 12 years we had a small all cash p/t off the books and on the side business. It had one purpose: pay off the house. Even though his f/t job was enough to keep us very comfortable, we have 2 special needs children and felt minimizing stress was imperative. Not having a mortgage is VERY stressless. So I stayed at home while he worked that side business. Once the cash equalled whatever we owed we would pay it off, until then we just didn’t think about it and put all the cash in our gun safe.
    When he first started working in 2001 we were getting over $10,000 back in our tax refund check. In 2004, after the business started and we made the plan for the money, we made the adjustments to his deductions of his paycheck- but once we had enough cash saved up we would go BACK to expecting (by now over) $10,000 in the refund- only we knew we wouldn’t actually be getting it back, we were going to have to claim that money. You can’t just bring $130,000 in $20 bills to the bank and ask for the deed.
    In May 2014 he asked me if he should make the adjustments to his paycheck again bc we were almost at our goal. I asked him what almost meant, he said that in October we would be PAST our goal but he wanted to do it one more year so we would have enough extra for any taxes we would might owe and hopefully enough to go on a vacation/honeymoon, also to find a buyer for the business. I said to make the adjustments starting January 2015, and we would claim the money quarterly so we would have a good idea how much we’d be paying in taxes.
    In November 2014 he left us, moved out and took the safe -and all the cash- with him.
    Turns out he sold the business in October 2014. I don’t know how much for, just who he sold it to.
    I imagine most almost ex wives say “judge you gotta believe me, he’s hiding a large sum of cash!!” so the closest I came to addressing it was in the 1st round of docs- interogations I think it’s called. I wrote out that we had been saving cash in our gun safe (which only he has a key to) for 12 years from that business. But I figured I’d never see any of it. BUT! A small glimmer of hope. At the last support hearing he admitted to having a cash business for 12 years, that it got so big at times he had to hire people to help him and that he can’t remember what he did with the money. He didn’t say he can’t remember what he spent it on, he said he can’t remember what he did with it.
    Then he got caught lying about a whole other large sum of money I didn’t even know about.
    Those whole 12 years I transferred money from our joint account to his personal account for his spending money. We have never been on vacation, no expensive jewelry, no nice cars, no nice clothes shoes or purses, no art…there is NOTHING to show for that money.
    Since he left before we claimed it, there’s also no tax returns to show for that money either.
    Would hiring a forensic accountant be of any help to me in convincing a judge he has around $130,000 in cash? If so, HOW? I’ve asked almost a dozen forensic accountants and they won’t answer that question. I can’t afford to hire one unless I know it’ll be of value /assistance.
    And if a forensic accountant wouldn’t be able to help me based on what I’ve said here- and I’ve said it all I think- is there ANYTHING I can do?
    Thanks in advance if you actually read this epic post!!!

    1. A forensic accountant could review documentation and show how the money brought it was much greater than the funds that went out, and perhaps show how some of the receipts were in cash that didn’t hit the bank accounts. But if there aren’t any records of the income from the business, then they wouldn’t have anything to review and so couldn’t create a credible tracing to the missing cash.

  24. If a spouse is hiding or transferring funds from a joint account to a private account, getting cashiers checks moving money to serveral accounts in their name only is there legal recourse for this and if so what is it called


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  26. I am about to divorce my wife of twenty six years. I discovered after being married with her that in the first eight years of our marriage she hid over $130,000 behind my back.

    She also endangered my sons life by locking him in the car at three years old, he also cut himself with a razor and had to call EMS to help stop the bleeding.

    And just recently she told someone a number of lies, that my son hit her, that there was no food in the house, that she had to sleep in another room, as a result we were visited several times by the Dept. of Childrens and Family Service having an investigator plus two deputy sheriffs come to the house on those charges and treating both me and my son like common criminals.

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  28. My wife has since our marriage and I was working and so was she has hidden monies from her pay checks giving it to her sisters to hide for her. Now I am down to my last penny and retired and she still is working hiding monies in accounts and opening a checking account where here pay checks get deposited with her name only on the account. I have been paying all the bills with my social security with nothing left to leave to our son.
    So you think it only happens to women, wake up, it happens a lot more to men, because the laws are more for women.

    1. It is absolutely true that both sexes are capable of hiding assets. But this is a reply to a woman asking about her husband hiding assets, and it would be weird to answer about what her wife might have done, since she doesn’t have a wife.

  29. My husband abandoned me almost four years ago when I was seriously sick. He left for work and never returned home. He brought a house, moved in a women and created a child. He didn’t send a dollar a month for me after 14 years marriage and no children. I went from physically ill to very depressed. Now 42 months later he shows up wanting a divorce but not through the Maryland courts. He assumed I would just sign papers and let it be done, but I’m not. He’s self employed in DC, we have a vacation home in the caribbean. He has much more that I don’t know about because he controlled everything. There are properties, lands, bank accounts (national /international) and businesses in his name alone. Please advise me, Thanks

  30. I got divorced 2 years ago and the stipulation stated that I am supposed to get half of my ex 401k and pension. He has been working at Metro North RR for almost 30 years and I know he supposed to have at least $400,000 in his 401k. My attorney did not go a very good job, so when I hired a new attorney to do the QDRO, she didn’t know what she was up against. When my ex presented his statement 401 K dated. 2011-2015, it stated $3,000. We know that he has moved his money. I need to know how I can find out how much money was in his 401k from the time we have been married up until the divorce, which is 20 years.

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  32. Hello Ginita,

    I’m married to my deaf husband for 22 yrs and my husband is 62 and and I am 47 he change alot and how he is more selfish with money.. My daughter is 19 years old and go to college and had job small pay
    and she still living with me. I also had 15 yrs old son. I always help my daughter pay for collegs and foods
    Now My husband said to me why do u give money to her she has job she can pay I was so upset and My husband has two jobs and he yell at me why do u use my money it not ur money I collect Social Security disability i can’t work due to health issues. Now my husband has his own bank account with royalty investment saving so I did add my name to his account. . My husband threaten me if u touch my money or used my money to spend. He will send me to Jail . He will take all money to change differnt bank without me know which bank he go to or won’t touch his money
    My husband never pay the bills I am the one who pay the bills. I always stay home I can’t drive and can’t walk my husband favorite word that he is calling me SPEND I said I didn’t spend money I said When I pay bills that is not mean spend .. He always run to his mom and telling her that his wife spend money

    He never pay foods for family he didn’t want to spend it
    He never want to pay college for my daughter
    We still pay mortgage he doesn’t want to
    He never paid cable tv He addicted to watch TV SOAP OPERA
    When I used my money social security I pay foods for kids and me only I cook for kids only when my husband come home from work he said where is my foods what am I gonna eat I am hungry I said if u want foods go buy on your own then he said you are not nice I work two jobs I didn’t want to pay cable My kids and I watch movies and TV shows in HULU and Netflix when my cable is due and disconnect and wait for a week My husband acting crazy over TV cable Box to restart over over over he doesn’t want
    to miss he got angry hit me physically He said he will divorce me if I didn’t pay cable because he doesn’t want to miss soap opera I told him Go on HULU No big Deal….i was upset every day crying every day….. What should I do

  33. Hi Ginita,

    I’m very happy that I found this website.

    I have 2 questions about hidden bank accounts and money. How can I find other bank accounts that my ex has? Looking at the joint account, I can see that he is not paying his lawyer from that account, for example, so he should have at least one more account with a fund that I am not aware of its source ( his salary goes to joint account and pays off the mortgage and his bills). I am sure he hides his money and he is not afraid of testing limits with law and would not disclose it.

    Also, if he withdraws money from his savings account after separaration, am I entitled to the balance right at the time of separation or at the time of his disclosure of assets?

    Thanks so much for the help you provided here to people!

    1. Your attorney can subpoena documents from financial institutions and send formal requests for documents to your spouse. He might also have a credit card you don’t know about, so look for credit card payments from known accounts. Ask your attorney about the implications of funds withdrawn from savings after separation in your state. The laws in each state are different.

      1. Ginita,
        In sending a subpoena, I can only ask for all his bank accounts. However, if he started one that I am not aware of he can hide it. I think my ex has, and is claiming that he is unable to care for our children and is now asking for support. His taxes show a $5000 grand loss in two years, but is a Firefighter Captain that does not decrease in wages. Is there anyway to find out if he has another bank account that he is not submitting in the subpoena?

  34. My husband accepted a job in his home country shortly after getting his greencard through our marriage, and never returned to live with me. I later found out he had a pregnant girlfriend in his home country and had been living a double life. He shared none of his income with me for the entirety of 2014 and 2015. I filed for divorce in 2015, and our divorce is still not final, so I was technically still married as of 12/31. I have no idea how much he may have earned, or how much may have been in his bank accounts in his country at any given time (we did not have a joint account in his country, and I took him off of mine as soon as I realized that he had a double life and I no longer wanted to be with him. What status should I file taxes for last year? Married filing jointly gives me a refund, and I know he had no US income, but can I be penalized if he had foreign income that I am not aware of? If I file Married Filing Separately, I owe a lot (because I was still withholding from my checks at the married rate, not realizing that I would be filing for divorce), and frankly I can’t afford that as I’m paying for the divorce just to get him out of my life. Any advice is appreciated.

    1. If your divorce is not final, you and your spouse can file jointly, or you can file as married filing separately or possibly as head of household if you have children living at home. Talk to your tax preparer about your options.

  35. My husband has been work from 25 years, we are married from 7 years and has been hiding money/finances from me from the beginning, never discloses any details of savings. God forbid if something happens to him, I would be on the street with my children not knowing the sources from where to pay the bills.
    Recently he has started saying he has no money, but I know he has transferred all his pre-marital and other savings in his family member names(mother and sisters) who are living abroad in india, and he plan to abandon me and our child.
    Please advice in case I go through a divorce, how can I trace the savings and transfers made to his siblings/mother to banks in India outside the US?
    He has also got inherited property which he has transferred in this siblings name to avoid taxes and not declared this to IRS ? Is it possible to claim that he has re-payed a previous loan ?

    I don’t have access to his bank accounts, IRA accounts, so not even sure if I can find the bank transfers during the proceedings ?

    Please, advice.

  36. My exhusband is a self employed floor layer, and I have seen his bank statements that show money going in and out of another account possibly girlfriend s. He is also spending money on hundreds of pounds of clothes from men’s shops ,gift for her hotels and both fly between Norfolk and Scotland every fortnight. He is obviously up to something how can I prove it.

  37. I have been divorced for over three years. At the time of the divorce I allowed my ex to oversee our sons’ college funds since he was a CFO and more capable than me. I trusted that he would share the information with me when I needed it. My oldest son is looking at colleges to start in the Fall of 2016 and I asked to see the college funds to get an idea of planning for the next few years. My ex is refusing to show them to me. My name should be on the accounts, though I can’t guarantee they are. Is there a way I can find my sons’ college funds? My fear is that he has somehow depleted those funds and I’ll be stuck footing the bill for college since I live in a state where the non-custodial parent has zero obligations after the child turns 18. Thanks!

    1. If your divorce agreement said that your name should be on the accounts and he followed through, you can contact the custodian directly. If your divorce agreement didn’t specify that your name go on the account, or if your husband failed to put your name on the accounts, then you can’t get information from the custodian. If you have proof that there were funds in the accounts, and now there isn’t, your children may have a cause of action against their father once they turn 18, since he withdrew funds that were meant for education. If your divorce agreement had provisions about those funds, you too might be able to pursue him legally.

  38. Hi, I am pregnant with my second child and my husband keeps on threatening to leave me. He is also training to be an electrician, and I have reason to believe he is planning to get paid in cash under the table. I already have him on recording admitting to his plan, is this sufficient evidence to prove he might be evading paying child support equal to what is required of his salary? Should I attempt to exchange emails? Record more discussions? How else can I prove how much he gets paid?

    1. Some companies have our name in company name in six different states .The judge said what makes you think they are his and he gave me nothing .what are the chances that six different guys with same last name discided to all do construction and picked the exact name of the company.I feel like what!!!!!! He even used my name and my families names in other businesses I found .what !!!!!! I’m not crazy and God will make things right no matter how long he has been doing it.crazy thing is I wish he never got any money cause we would be together still.crazyy ok alittle love is a strange thing.I had no idea of anything he was doing until afew months after devorce .I was so stupid not to see what was right in front of my face.once my brother in-law told me he said my husband told him and I started looking every night for a few months and I feel so foolish for seeing him different then the truth He made me think we had one hundred thousand a year when it was really millions and I still never got a dime 40 years of him keeping all our money !I’m hoping to get my half some day .I was happy with what I thought we had but when I found out it was like I didn’t have any life cause it was all fake.It took me months to not feel sick Everytime I woke up till I fell asleep again.i asked God to take away the sadness and he did .I think you can die from the pain .I’m not sure how but the pain in gone and I’m just trying to move on but not without my half of our money .I tried but I can’t stop trying to get the truth out of him and get my money to go on with my life.my real life.sorry I have never talked about any of this before I’m done .

  39. Hi. Just need somene direction. My sister after 2630 years of being with her husband had filed for divorce. She is tired of his cheating ways and disappearing money. She is a cancer and RA survivor and I worry about her. Her husband makes over $4k net a month in Iowa. He filed a financial deposition that stayed he had no money and then had the nerve to ask if the courts will allow him to buy a new car with my sister’s credit.
    He is outright lying but my sister only had so much energy and money to fight. Is there a way to find out where he is money ? He makes $4k monthly and stay at his mom’sThus far the courts said because he had nothing he can’t support her. His made up expenses exceed his income. Hasn’t paid his portion of the mortgage in a year. What can she do before the stress makes her ?

    1. She should talk to her attorney ASAP about support. If he has income and she does not, in most states he would owe support. I’m not sure why, with $4,000 a month of wages, he can say he has no income, but I’m not an attorney and I’m not familiar with the laws of your state. Her attorney is both, and that’s who she should consult to get advice.

  40. My husband has cash in bank accounts can he transfer to another name and then file for divorce…can I trace the money after divorce… Also, he buys diamonds and hide can he later claim that he has bought it for me

    1. If he has signing authority on the bank accounts, then he can write checks and transfer funds.
      I don’t know the laws of your state, but they likely provide that he can file for divorce if he has been a resident of the state for 6 months.
      Tracing funds after the divorce is final will do you no good — you need to trace it before it is final so that you can be sure that you get your fair share of the funds, no matter where he has transferred them.
      Of course he can claim that he bought diamonds for you — but if you didn’t receive them, I don’t know how he can prove that isn’t a lie.

  41. Ginita, my sister is going through a divorce with a deadbeat dad. She’s going to court soon to get a final judgment on child support in arrears. Her ex-husband, while still living with her years ago, stashed away a lot of cash in safety deposit box. Furthermore, he managed to get his employer to pay him in cash. In short, there are no bank accounts, but there is cash and it has been hidden. What would you advise my sister to do so that she can help the attorneys win her case? As I see it, she could win a judgment but never see a dime. to receive the money that she is owed, and to receive continued child support payments for the next year or two, the court would have to to receive the money that she is owed, and to receive continued child support payments for the next year or two, the court would have to garnish the money in fact sieze it from wherever it has been hidden. Not to be redundant, but that action could not take place because the money is all in cash.

    1. If he is employed, then his wages could be garnished, even if he is normally paid in cash. She could get an order to open up the safe deposit box and her attorney can put whatever funds are found into a client trust account.

  42. My husband had seen an attorney a year ago. He bragged to someone( I overheard his phone conversation) that the attorney told him to start taking withdrawals from his separate checking account and put it in family member names then , if divorce happens, claim a gambling problem. I found $50,000 cash he had withdrawn over one year. He has a very sneaky attorney with a reputation for lying and underhanded tactics. First, can he get by with the hidden money? Second, what can be done about this unethical attorney?

  43. I supported my wife threw ever decision she ever made from opening a store to school and quitting good paying jobs. I had complete trust in her to take care of bills etc. I agreed to take one hundred a week for all my needs threw the week . I found out she was also taking a hundred and putting it in a secret bank account and using our joint account for everything else she needed she has transferred money into my kids savings and her dads accounts. I guess my question would be is this illegal, embezzlement, hiding assets and if she can get away with it I was the soul provider throughout the marriage but she demands more. Won’t agree to any divorce proposal I have offered . I just don’t know what she could be after any help would be great

  44. If a suspected family member has commited Identity Theft and are hiding an IRA Account and other securities that they have taken from their father’s brokerage account., is there a way to run a check in your own name to see if there is bank accounts or brokerage accts that might be in your name? Or do we have to write a letter to each brokerage company and banks to check to see if there are any listings?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  45. I want to do the research myself (as I have the time) to find if he has purchased any property without my knowledge. I also believe he has hidden money, bank and brokerage accounts. Are only licensed investigators allowed to search? If I knew how i’d be willing to do the leg work? Any suggestions? Thank-you in advance for your reply.

  46. Hi, I’m a immigrant women and I married an American citizen 6 years ago, we have been together for 9 years and have 2 children. I have been physically, mentally and economically abused by him, there had been arrests and restriction orders agains him trough the years also photos of the injuries and my kids are witnesses to the abuse. Also he recently cheated openly for several months and I said opently because he introduced her to his family and friends, so I have begun humiliated in every way possible. I’m scared of filing for divorce because 5 years ago we bought a house with his mother help because my husband’s credit is the worst, so the house was put on his mothers name, but all payments are made by him. We also have a tenant that knows me and him as the only owners however the lease was made with his mothers name on it. I’m afraid that if I file for divorce neither me or my kids won’t receive what by right belongs to us. He also overly spend money from a small family bussines in his afair. Please help I can’t afford a lawyer due to my dependency to him because he prohibits me from working. If you could be so kind to provide me with advice I will really appreciated. Thank you so much !!!!

  47. Hello,

    I need an advice for my daughter. She left her abusive husband and now they’re going through a divorce. She has her two little one with her and now living with me. They went through mediation but he doesn’t want agree to anything. He threaten her before she left him, that she won’t get anything out of him. Anyways my daughter found another house online under his name but he later transfer it to someone else. Any suggestion of how we can track the transfer history? He’s basically lying to the court and now taking the divorce to trial. Any suggestion would really appreciated. Thank you

  48. What if Husband hides income in foreign account or own foreign property. I have a vague idea of how much he is hiding but no documentary proof. All the properties are in India, and in India there is no concept of marital property and there fore no concept of fair division of property.

    1. If your divorce is in the United States the laws of your state will govern, not the laws of India. So if it is marital property in your state, then it is marital property, no matter what Indian law says.

      1. Yes but how would a US court enforce the distribution of foreign assets from India if the man is a citizen of India. I don’t see how this could be enforced?

          1. I got divorced a few years ago and now discovered he has a corporation in another country that was never disclosed. How do I prove he committed fraud?

  49. Frances,

    Your information is completely wrong. It appears that you did not do your research before publishing this post. All you did was simply re-post an advertorial for a database company who lack the skills, experience, knowledge and license to conduct legal bank searches. As a licensed private investigator, I can tell you that bank account searches CAN be performed legally. The “Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 did not outlaw bank account searches, rather the means that most investigators performed them, ie pre-texting banks posing as the customer. There are other LEGAL methods capable private investigators employ to secure this valuable information. The licensed investigators mentioned in the first post (docusearch.com) use legal methods to obtain bank account records and these records may be used in court.

    1. Hello,
      I just had a question my mother is sick and her boyfriend has basically cut off all contact with her from the family. We’re concerned that he’s talked her into making out a will and hiding assets. We don’t have the money to hire anyone to look for the paperwork or the accounts is there anything we can do ourselves. We know that if we leave this until after she passes he’ll get everything and that’s not fair to the grandkids. And since he has kept her from getting medical help as well there’s no proof of her illness so we would have a hard time getting any will over turned.
      Thank You…

    2. Thank you for the positive reply to the person stating it’s illegal to search Bank accounts. I’ve been trying to find bank, investments, insurance policies etc for my cosmetic surgeon w/private surgery center and on staff at all local hospitals. After 20 years of marriage I went to his medical center and found he had another practice in Scottsdale and a few small bits of information. He abandon my son and I in our house of 12 yrs and when I went to get money to maintain house, HE HAD DEPLETED AND HID EVERY PENNY. He forged my signatures and was able to surrender my private investments ,bank taking housed, i was unable to pay utilities as he stopped paying 6 mo prior to leaving. AND multiple accounts (utility co. etc) were opened over 10 yrs ago and ALL USING MY NAME & SOCIAL SECURITY #. My credit score show down to 400? I was homeless. The accountant , who paid all our bills personal & business, Hung up on me when I asked for tax, financials. His office (I hired, assuming friends) lied and covered for him , even filed a false restraining order to keep me away . I have spent the past 8 months trying to find any paper trails..all day & nite in little apt researching .I was becoming hopeless until I saw your post and that maybe these countless days in isolation researching …I will finally find money to get divorce. Many thanks

      1. I’ve been up most of the night and was guided to this website, reading your post sounds exactly what happened to be. No money, left for work and never returned, I was devastated. He took care of everything, so I had no paper trail. The accountant did the taxes at his business, he kept everything at the business. I was broken,and depressed. It took me a while to heal and now I’m looking for a good attorney. I wish your heart heal rapidly and that you surround yourself with people that will help you through.

        1. Thank you I’ll try dorysearch .after 40 years of marriage that I trusted him with all our money he took off and I have found out he has businesses worth millions .so far I don’t even have a dollar .he offered me ten million then after court he lied and with all his attorneys made me look like I’m nuts .he never gave me nothing.he lies about everything .I found a wife in a nother state with a son named after my husband which is our son’s name here.he offered me a few businesses then after that time in court he gave me nothing and the judge didn’t even look at my papers .why .he lives up the street with a nother girl and child and he has all my money.its so hard to have to call and ask him for things .can I get papers from IRS for the last ten years to prove it in court.we had a good marriage for fourty years I thought we never argued .fourty years later I find I should of lived a better life but he took it all from me the entire time.He even still says we will get back together on devorce paper but I can’t have anything when we do.

          1. In most states, he is required to produce documents to you, often under penalty of perjury, and if he refuses to do so he can be sanctioned, or even sent to jail. You can request transcripts of your joint income tax returns from the IRS using Form 4506.

      2. My ex-husband did the EXACT same things!
        Where do they get the information to enact this plan? It is all so similar that there must be some group that teaches men how to financially destroy their wives. What kind of creepy men act this way? We need tough laws to protect marital partners from such cruel abuse. Yes / financially destroying wife is bartering – severe domestic violence.

        1. This happened to me too! Drained all of our personal accounts, faked the bankruptcy of our company, left me and our son penniless, jobless and homeless, ruined my credit by taking unnecessary loans in my name and not paying, while living off his stash. Financial abuse is ABUSE and agree, severe domestic violence.

      3. I just want to say I’m very sorry this happened to you and your children. If it’s not of God, it’s of the devil. What he did was atrocious and I pray for your good fortune ??????

    3. Hey Stuart are u in America?I am in south africa my husband has British bank accounts..any idea how I could track them..kind regards val

  50. First off none of these web sites can actually locate bank accounts for you.
    These are all scams, because the simple fact is that it is illegal to conduct bank account searches.

    It is law and if they conduct an illegal search you the client can and will get in trouble.
    Bank searches conducted illegally cannot be submitted to court because it would reveal that you engaged in illegal actives..

    Do not waste your money.. Just pay for a forensic account so it can be executed via the courts in a legal fashion..

    Read the law… http://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/why-it-is-critical-to-conduct-asset-sear-86954/

  51. My husband did the same thing, I knew he had money hidden. I was a working mother with three kids and did not have to time to look for the money, nor did I even know where to look. I spoke with my lawyer and he told me I should look at a private investigator I found Docusearch http://www.docusearch.com/category/hidden-assets. They were amazing and were able to help!

    1. Teresa Coriell


      Did Docusearch help you directly or was it their article that helped?
      If they directly what were they able to uncover for you?

    1. Can Docusearch or any online Service provide hidden Bank accounts with my husbands social security #? He’s definitely moving money daily and I need to know where to!

      1. Dont use docusearch.com
        They found only the bank what I gave infos.
        They did not give me correct infos even about the bank.

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