Help Wanted for Teens: How to Work the Job Market

The Help Wanted sign has practically disappeared for today’s teens. Too many young job seekers are likely to spend the summer on social media or watching TV instead of scooping ice cream or serving pizza. Some experts also blame higher minimum wage laws for squeezing out entry-level workers. Teens face competition from laid-off adults, seniors, …

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Prenups Aren’t Just for the Rich and Famous

Who had a prenup when they married, Britney Spears or Paul McCartney? Score one if you chose the blonde bubblehead over the savvy billionaire Brit. Paul McCartney lost $50 million to his ex-wife Heather Mills in their March 2008 divorce court battle.  But Britney’s preplanning paid off: she paid just $300,000 to shed Kevin, leaving …

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Are You an Enterprising Woman?

Do you dream of having your own business? More and more women each year discover the excitement of being self-employed. If it sounds good to you, the prospects have never been better or the resources greater to help you get started. Enterprising women across America are building businesses that now employ 7.8 million people and …

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Start Your Tax Planning Early

If you start your tax planning early you’ll  have plenty of time to work on strategies to lower your tax “bite” for the coming year. Review your investments If you have taxable income from investments, consider investments that are tax-deferred (retirement plans and deferred annuities) or tax-free (municipal bonds, Roth IRAs, 529 education plans).  Match …

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The Cost of Raising a Child

When our daughter Carrie was in high school, she worked at Starbucks after school and on weekends. She saved half of her paycheck for future college expenses and spent the rest on current teenage “necessities” such as MP3 players, shoes and fashion. If you asked Carrie, she was practically self-supporting.  She loved the independence, and …

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Mortgage Troubles: Options to consider

Foreclosure proceedings threatened over two million Americans last year, and almost 900,000 homes were repossessed in 2008. If you are having trouble paying your mortgage, here are seven options to consider, courtesy of 1. Determine if you Qualify for Hope for Homeowners HUD’s Hope for Homeowners program may be able to help you refinance …

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Ten Last Minute Tax Tips That Can Help You Save Even More!

Hey, tax procrastinators! With just a short white left until taxes are due, take a deep breath, read this article, and then get to work! 1. Don’t Rush Just because you are filing at the last minute, don’t get flustered and overlook deductions. Take time to review last year’s activity to be sure you claim …

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The Dow Jones Industrials

By Virginia Hodge “The Dow reaches new Highs!” blares the television. But what is the Dow? Way back in 1880 a newspaper reporter named Charles Dow began writing for the New York Mail and Express. Later he and Edward Jones formed the Dow Jones News Company, the predecessor to Wall Street Journal. Jones was the …

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A WIFE for Women

A WIFE for Women by Eilene Zimmerman San Diego Magazine, March 2003 This article is also available in PDF format A local nonprofit aims to teach females how to take financial control of their lives after major life transitions — like divorce IN THE SPACE OF ONE MONTH IN 1988, five women visited the office …

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