Financial New Year’s Resolutions

New YearResolve to have a more prosperous new year by creating good financial habits that will last a lifetime. Good financial habits are truly a gift to yourself that keeps on giving — and they are much more fun than vowing not to eat another piece of chocolate cake!

I Will Monitor My Spending

Pick three or four categories where trimming expenses can make a difference, and then cut 10% to 20% in these areas. For example, groceries, entertainment and clothing probably are a significant part of your budget. If trimming 20% from these expenses will save $150 a month, you’ll be $2,000 ahead by the end of the year.

I Will Save Money

Have 5% to 10% of your paycheck deposited directly to your savings account, or do it yourself each payday. When you redeem coupons at the grocery store, bank your savings. Saving is a habit –make it yours.

To help you boost your savings, we’ve created a free Money Club Savings Makeover. In 21 days, you can start a new habit to radically change your financial life

I Will Set Financial Goals

Whatever your dream — a new home, an education fund for the children, a secure retirement — setting goals can make it happen. Decide what is most important for your future, how much you need to accumulate to meet this goal, and then begin today to turn your dreams into reality.

I Will Invest Wisely

Many people unwisely fund long-term goals with short-term investments. Stocks and growth mutual funds have consistently beat saving accounts, CDs, and short-term bonds for long-term growth. The best place to put retirement funds is in your IRA, SEP, TSA, 401(k) or another tax-deferred investment vehicle.

I Will Learn About Finances

Get educated this year with financial books from the bookstore. Whether you are interested in learning how to invest, how to manage money with your sweetie, or how to get out of debt, these resources will help you to reach your goals

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