What’s Your Risk Factor?

What's Your Risk Factor?To help you figure out your relationship to risk, we’ve created a short quiz. Take a few moments to complete it, choosing
the answer that best describes you.

The results should give you a good idea of how much comfortable you are (or aren’t) with taking risks.

When taking this quiz:

  • Answer all questions (guess if you’re not sure)
  • Only check ONE box for each question
1. My primary goal is to:
Protect my savings. I’m most concerned about preserving what I have.
At least keep up with inflation.
Take some investment risk to get a good return.
2. If the stock market dropped
10 percent tomorrow, I would:
Sell everything. I can’t afford to lose it all.
Bide my time and see what happens.
Put more money in. Aren’t you supposed to “buy low, sell high”?
3. If I had a choice between $1,000 cash and a 1 in 10 chance for $10,000, I would:
Take the money and run. 
Consider my current financial situation. If I desperately needed the money, I’d take the cash.
Take a chance. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
4. Would you invest in a start-up company?
Only if the founder was Bill Gates.
Yes, if I had extra cash to spare and the company had a good business plan.
Of course — I’m always looking fornew opportunities.
5. Short-term losses in my retirement account make me feel:
Extremely worried. I just can’t sleep at night when I know that I’m losing money.
A bit concerned. But I know that I have a long time ahead to make up the difference
Committed to my investment plan. I know the market will go up over the long haul.
6. Do you like surprises?
No, not even when I was a child.
Only on my birthday.
Half the fun in life is seeing what happens next.
7. When I make a bad investment:
I brood about it for months, sometimes years afterwards.
I try, sometimes successfully, to let it go.
I focus on my next venture.
8. In my daily life:
I like predictability and routine.
I try to do things differently every once in a while.
I can’t stand to do the same thing twice.
9. I am like the:
Chicken — afraid to venture out.
Golden retriever — even-tempered and easygoing.
Cheetah — fast, solitary, and carnivorous.
10. My outlook on the future is:
Pessimistic — things always seem to get worse and worse.
Half-empty and half-full — sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t.
Optimistic — things always end up for the best.


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