What Do Women Like More Than Chocolate?

What do women like more than chocolate? Lots of ideas might be coming to mind, but the surprising answer is that women like cooperation even more than chocolate!

A recent study at Emory University used an MRI brain scan during an experiment that involved alternating cooperation and conflict. The (male) scientists thought that conflict would bring more pleasure.

To their surprise, they found just the opposite: women’s brains simply light up with pleasure during cooperation. And they wondered why women are can be more kind, helpful, and supportive than men. The longer the women engaged in a cooperative strategy, the more strongly the blood flowed to the pathways of pleasure!

Scientists have long puzzled over the biological basis for simple niceness and cooperation. This new study may explain women’s well-known attraction to group endeavors-book clubs, investment clubs, bunco groups, and the like. We women love to join groups, give advice, and help each other to succeed-because we’re wired for it!

Women have been helping women succeed in every land and every age-with everything from child-rearing to weight loss. And now we know why.

Now, what would happen if we got together to eat chocolate…

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