10 Sweet Ways to Say “I Love You” — on the Cheap

Use these ten sweet ways to say I love you without breaking the bank. They will improve your relationship more.

  • Leave him a love note in his lunch box.
  • Leave her wildflowers at the breakfast table.
  • Call him at work and tell him to come home for an emergency-you.
  • Show up at her work with a picnic lunch in hand and a private spot in mind.
  • Don’t ask him to do a single thing around the house for an entire week. Wow!
  • Write 28 reasons why you love her-on 28 different pieces of paper, one for each day this month.
  • Meet him at a bar and flirt.
  • Take her out for ice cream.
  • Go out together, alone, for a long walk or to see the sunrise or sunset.
  • Say those three little words: “I love you.” Just do it.

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