“Netting” A Super Job

To advance in your profession and increase your income it might be time to get a better job. Showcase your technology skills to prospective employers by using your computer and the Internet as tools in your job search.

Your computer and its connection to the Internet can put information about current opportunities at your fingertips, speed your response to job openings and make tracking your efforts a manageable task.

Find it on the Internet

Companies of all sizes now post job openings on their Internet sites. You don’t have to be looking for a computer-related position to find good job leads on the Internet. Netscape, America-Online and Microsoft all use the Internet to attract quality personnel, and so do USA Today and Target. You can find sales, retail and management jobs, in your locale or throughout the world, with the click of a search button.

Where to Look

Here are a few links to get you started.



Be Prepared

Your resume is important, but don’t overlook other simple documents that provide a competitive edge. Generic cover letters and “Thank You for the Interview” letters, stored on your computer, provide a framework you can use to customize your response and deliver it quickly. When your thoughtful application arrives before the crowd, it will often lead to that next important step, the interview.

Keep Track of your Efforts

A serious job search usually spans several months and involves applications to several companies. Multiple interviews with different people from the same organization are also common. You need to keep track of all correspondence, telephone contacts and in-person interviews so that you can wow them with total recall each time you are called back.

Contact management software is specifically designed to handle this task. At prices ranging from $125-$175, full-featured products such as Act! 4.0 by Symantec or GoldMine v4.0 may be more powerful than you need. Search the various computer software vendors on the Internet and Shareware sites for Personal Information Management software that is bargain priced. To avoid the expense of purchasing new software and the time needed to learn it, you might prefer to keep good notes in your present word-processing program.

Show your Computer Savvy

To respond to a job opening posted on the Internet, the company may request that you reply to a specific contact person by email, fill in an on-line form, or send your resume via the Internet. Correspond with friends to practice writing email without sounding cute. Learn to use the Subject line, and practice sending files as attachments so that you can confidently submit your resume to prospective employers.

These techniques will set you apart from other job applicants who do not have the skills to accomplish these tasks. The world of work is changing, so to advance in the workplace, put your computer to use. Get prepared, get organized, and get online to land that super job.

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