I Snooped…

Dear WIFE,

I just found out my husband secretly opened a credit card in his own name and I can’t track it. Something came in the mail.

What should I do? We are in the planning stages prior to mediation.

I also snooped and found a random locker key in his work backpack. Other credit card transactions suggest he is stockpiling cash.

-Bewildered in Boston

Dear Bewildered,

Keep gathering information, then bring it up in your mediation – probably the second session, after everyone has become comfortable in the process.

At that time you need to ask for the credit card statements from him, going as far back as you think you need, for all accounts.

He needs to reveal what cash he has, and also take you and a friend to the locker to open it up. (Be sure to take a photo of the key so that he can’t deny there was one.)

Good luck!


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