How Do You Spell Success?

Ladder of SuccessIn case you haven’t heard, women’s financial stars are on the rise. Women now hold almost 50% of all corporate management positions and control more than half of the private wealth in America.

Are you a working woman ready to step up your progress toward greater prosperity and accomplishment? Start with your own definition of success based on your talents, interests, goals and dreams. What will your successful life look and feel like? Once you have a firm idea of where you want to go, you’re ready to figure out how to get there.

Check out what other energetic and enterprising women are doing and follow their lead.

Here’s what we’ve noticed about successful women: they start with a vision. Whether it’s Debbie Fields’ desire to bake an irresistible cookie, Oprah’s wish to present people with inspiring role models, or Doris Christopher’s “Pampered Chef” love of labor-saving kitchen gadgets, it all begins with a personal passion. For us, it was a determination to help financially-challenged women take charge of money matters.

Wherever you begin your path to career and personal satisfaction, how you grow and how you prosper depends on a good fit between your work and your unique interests.

These ideas from today’s successful women will help you get started on your own map to the life of your dreams:

Seek your Mentors

All successful women cite the great benefits they received from mentors, role models, advisors who offered practical inside knowledge about the career path they had chosen. Look for mentors whose work style you admire.

Use your talents. Recognize your strengths, the special talents that you offer, and build on them as you develop your career path.

Communicate Well

Listening with patience and empathy, speaking with attention to the audience’s needs and expectations, interpreting others’ messages both spoken and unspoken are all invaluable workplace skills you can develop and enhance.

Challenge Yourself

Have faith in yourself and show it by taking risks, looking for opportunities, and facing challenges to learn and grow professionally.

Enjoy your Life and Work

The more you find to love about your life, the more positive energy you will exude. Prosperity grows from gratitude for what you already have. You will be more attractive to others and more appreciated.

Stay Focused

Hold a steady course toward your goals with patience and enthusiasm for the journey. Every step in the right direction is progress toward your dreams.

Stay Connected

Build a network of friends, colleagues, contacts, and references to support you in your life and work. As you give to others, so shall you receive.  When a need arise, your network awaits.

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