Are financial problems making you feel stupid? Scientists have figured out why.

Does your month last longer than your money?  Don’t berate yourself for stupidity! When financial stress gets you down, your mind is slower as well, scientists have found.

Most people tested lost about 13 IQ points when they were worried about money. That’s because stress slows your brain and makes thinking more difficult, the same effect as going without sleep during the night.

Well, guess what? When most of us are faced with financial trouble, we lose sleep as well.  Both of those cause you to be short on brainpower, a double whammy to the brain. Since your ability for powerful thinking is kaput at that point, my best advice is to stop, take stock of where you are, and begin with small steps to find your way out.

Small steps take less thinking than global planning, and small steps still lead to big success. Step by step by step you can begin to solve your financial problems – it just takes time.

Here are some small steps you can take today!

  • Ask yourself the following question throughout the day:
    What is the best use of my time right now? This technique is used by some of the most successful business people to keep themselves on track. Sometimes you’ll find yourself doing an activity that makes you feel busy but is not productive. By simply asking yourself this question it will keep you moving forward with today’s tasks.
  • Resolve to cut out one expense that brings you neither joy nor prosperity.
    Write your resolution on a piece of paper and post it prominently, so you won’t forget. Put the money that you would have spent into an envelope or a separate account, for savings.
  • When dealing with cash in your wallet, put the small bills in front for easy access, and large bills behind for security.
    At the same time, dump the loose change into a jar for savings. Every time you touch money, you should feel a sense of security, not disorganization.

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