Here are Five Big-Ticket Items You Shouldn’t Buy During the Holidays.

Think You Get The Best Deals During The Holidays? Think Again!

Big Sale -- Not!It’s holiday season, a time of carols, decorations, and cut-rate deals. Black Friday is infamous for the deep discounts retailers are willing to offer to entice holiday shoppers through their doors.

These deals may be tempting, but savvy shoppers can save even more on certain high-priced items if they forego the holiday madness and buy at a different time.

Here are five big-ticket items that you shouldn’t buy during the holidays.

A Car

We’ve all seen the holiday commercials where a husband surprises his shocked wife with a new car in the driveway sporting a big red bow. That’s sweet, but if that husband wanted to get the sweetest deal, he would wait and buy the new car around New Year’s Eve, because at the end of the year dealerships are anxious to boost annual sales and clear out old inventory That means they are in the mood to bargain.


Of course you want your home to look its best if you are planning on having family or friends over for the holidays, but hold off on that new sofa and dining room table. Furniture stores bring in their new inventory around February, which means January is the month to get the best deals on home furnishings..


Televisions are always on sale at the big electronic stores during Black Friday, but don’t be fooled by the low prices. It’s likely that they’ll go even lower the week before the Super Bowl, when Super Bowl party hosts are looking to upgrade to impress the neighbors.


When the snow falls, you start dreaming of that warm, pampering cruise getaway. Hold on just a little longer. Most people wait until after the holidays to start booking their vacations. Cruise companies know this, and that’s why they’ll push their best deals between January and March. Take advantage.


The holiday months are the best to go skiing, which is exactly why you should hold off buying those beautiful new skis you’ve had your eye on. It’s a good bet that those same beauties will be on sale around March and April as ski season winds down and retailers want to move their remaining stock.

Bonus Tip: Gym Memberships

As you may imagine, people sign up for gym memberships in droves between Christmas and New Year’s day, motivated by their resolution to lose weight and guilt about all the sweets consumed over the holidays. Don’t follow the herd. If you can, wait to buy your gym membership until June when membership sales are traditionally at their lowest point and gyms are willing to bargain.

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  3. I bought my car last year the day after Christmas, and got an amazing deal. Having previously been married to a car salesman, I knew what to do. I did my research ahead of time and got the lowest price I could possibly get on the new car, and I got for my trade-in what I could have sold it for to a private party for. I refused the pitch from the Finance manager and had already worked out financing with my credit union.
    I would say the worst time to buy a car is right when the new models come out – unless you buy the previous year’s model.

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