Getting Into Shape for the New Year

Glancing at holiday photos, you can’t believe you look so fat in your holiday outfit. The skirt that won’t button and the uncomfortably tight jeans may push you to a New Year’s resolution: This is the year you will join the health club. For years I scorned paying money to work-out when work-ing kept me […]

Vacation on a Budget

Are your vacations so hectic that you need to get back to work to relax once you return?  Are you still paying off your last vacation while booking your next one?  Here’s a way to abandon the stressful vacation payment treadmill, and relax on the cheap this summer. Get away without going away. Whenever my […]

The Grass is Greener

Did I see you at the Lawn and Garden Center last Saturday? No? Gee, it seemed that everyone else was there buying lawn spreaders, lawn mowers, and lawn trimmers, and piling those flatbed carts with bags of lawn fertilizer and weed and slug killer. Last Saturday was a truly gorgeous day—warm with lots of sunshine, […]

Saving Money While Having Fun

Education for your kids or yourself can take a big chunk out of your budget. A summer learning camp can cost more than you had planned to spend on school clothes, and tickets to a lecture or concert series can equal the cost of your car insurance for six months. But you don’t have to […]

Breaking The Spell Of The Sale

Does your heart beat faster when you walk into J. C. Penneys and see racks of winter dresses with big red Clearance signs? Do you leaf through the Sunday paper sale flyers with a sense of eagerness and anticipation? Do you think that a Buy one and another half price offer is really a bargain? […]

Getting The House Ready To Sell

Ah! Spring! Time to put away your wool clothes, get out in the garden, and even fall in love. It’s also a good time to put your house on the market. Having prepared five houses for sale in the past 35 years, I have experience in presenting a house for sale. And my husband Skip […]

Holiday Spending Doesn’t Equal Holiday Cheer

‘Tis the season to spend money, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. As we celebrate Christmas, Hannukah or Kwanza, extravagance seems to be required. Our mailboxes bulge with catalogs, mall retailers advertise with abandon, and grocery aisles are crammed with displays of holiday goodies. We succumb, buying everything from new curtains to Santa statuettes, along with sugar, heavy cream […]