Calendars and To Do Lists

Color code your calendar for quick identification of type of function or personnel on a project. It works well for clarity and creates a more attractive calendar. Keep only the number of calendars you really need. Be sure one calendar always contains everything and is the most current and reliable. Track multiple or large projects […]

Managing Time and Interruptions

Managing Time Schedule large projects into a series of short segments. You can accomplish much of the project in this way, and you may be motivated to keep going past the allotted time. Set a time limit on involvement in a task. It will seem less boring or overwhelming if you know you will stop […]

Get Organized! Start Your Spring Cleaning Here

One of these days I’ve got to get organized! Is that your daily mantra? If so, here are some good ideas for organizing your business life to increase your effectiveness and enjoyment each day. Handling Paper and Files Use a vertical step rack for “hot files” or current project files, in view and quickly available. […]