Divorce and Family Finances

Dear Dollar Stretcher, Unfortunately, so many families are splitting that guidelines are needed for that form of family. When a family has split, what would be an equitable financial plan? How big a piece of the husband’s income pie should go to the household occupied by two growing children with their mother, and how big […]

Mortgage Insurance

Dear Dollar Stretcher, My husband and I bought a house 18 months ago. We went in with less than 20% down, and so are stuck paying mortgage insurance to the tune of over $80 per month. What exactly is mortgage insurance for, and is it possible for us to “cancel” our mortgage insurance by showing […]

Bartering Clubs

Hi Gary, I just read an article on joining a bartering club in order to barter for bargains. The fee to join the club is $350. Is it worth it and are there other clubs available with lower membership fees? — Donna Even though we might not think of it, almost everyone is part of […]

The Ten Secrets To Attracting Money

Are there really secrets to attracting and saving money that most people don’t know? Probably not. When you get right down to it, most money management concepts are centuries old. But, sometimes it’s worth our while to refresh our memory of what we already know to be true. So with that in mind, here are […]

The Dollar Stretcher

Dear Dollar Stretcher My husband and I aren’t quite sure which way to go to conserve on our heating bills. We have steam radiators in our old Victorian house and just replaced the boiler. The old one was over 60 years old and very inefficient. We have a programmable digital thermostat. Does it make more […]

A Tax You Don’t Have to Pay

Is there really a tax that you don’t have to pay if you don’t want to — where you decide not to fill in the form and give them your money and you won’t end up in handcuffs? Yes, there certainly is. And yet, surprisingly most people are very willing, even anxious, to pay this […]

401(k) Plans Explained

Gary Foreman is the publisher of The Dollar Stretcher.com. Hi Gary, My uncle is very upset because he doesn’t understand how his 401(k) works. He thinks they are trying to tell him what he can do with his retirement money and so forth. I don’t know how to explain the basic point behind a 401(k) […]