Attracting Women Clients: First, Identify Their R.E.A.L. Needs co-founders Candace Bahr, CEA, CDFA and Ginita Wall discuss the importance of women’s R.E.A.L. needs in a recent article featured in Horsesmouth.


Women need financial advisors, and advisors need clients. Women hold more than half the wealth in this country and are projected to hold up to 63% by 2020. Because women have traditionally been unsure where to turn for financial advice, only 20% of women investors have a financial advisor—yet a full 70% would like to work with one.

women-prospect-matrix-horsesmouthThe women’s market: full of possibility—and very tricky There are different kinds of women investors, and to earn their trust, it is critical to connect with them based on where they are right now.

The four-quadrant Women Prospect Matrix below shows the four major types.

The X-axis ranges from the top (has money to invest) to the bottom (not much money to invest). The Y-axis ranges from the left (ready to pay for advice) to the right (don’t want to pay for advice).

It is important to have several meaningful, probing discussions on what we call her REAL needs—Relationships, Engagement, Assets, Loyalty—before you begin the substantive part of your engagement.

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