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What Can I Do If My Ex-Husband Won’t Pay Child Support?

Monthly child support payments can be a financial life saver after a divorce, especially if you earn far less than your husband. After a divorce, you will need to learn how to make do on a single income while raising children who seem always to be emptying your refrigerator, growing out of their clothes, and […]

How to Afford the Education You Need After a Divorce

After a divorce, your financial life is likely going to take a big hit. According to a study by the Government Accountability Office, men will, on average, see a 23% reduction in their household income. Unsurprisingly, that number is much higher for women. They will see an average drop of 41% in household income after […]

The Age-Old Question – Should You Rent or Buy a Home?

In your life, you’ve had to face some difficult questions. Do you take the job you love but that pays a pittance or the dull job with the juicy paycheck? Do you marry the boring guy you’ve been dating for three years or cut him loose in the hope of finding your Prince Charming? Do […]

Does It Ever Make Sense to Invest When You’re in Debt?

Being in debt feels kind of icky, doesn’t it? It itches in the back of your mind, constantly reminding you that you’re on the hook. You probably dream of the day when you can make that last payment on your mortgage, your car loan, your student loans, or your credit cards, but should you really […]

Three Credit Card Tricks to Help During the Holidays

Want to hear the most obvious statement in the universe? Credit card companies want you to sign up for their credit cards. Yep, we said it was obvious. In fact, credit card companies want your business so bad, that they are often willing to shell out some nice rewards right out of the gate in […]