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Who’s In Control, You Or Your Credit Cards

Time to start with a clean financial slate.  Bail out your sinking ship of credit card debt so you can spend the next century sailing smoothly toward your financial goals. Much of our spending is attributable to spur-of-the-moment decisions: “It’s on sale!” “It’s more than I wanted to spend, but I love the extra options.” […]

The Dow Jones Industrials

By Virginia Hodge “The Dow reaches new Highs!” blares the television. But what is the Dow? Way back in 1880 a newspaper reporter named Charles Dow began writing for the New York Mail and Express. Later he and Edward Jones formed the Dow Jones News Company, the predecessor to Wall Street Journal. Jones was the […]

Diversify your Portfolio with Mutual Funds

After she was widowed, Mary received a lump sum from her husband’s life insurance policy. Mary needed current income and also wanted to invest for her retirement. Her financial planner, Harriet, suggested mutual funds. Harriet explained that a mutual fund is a professionally managed pool of stocks and/or bonds that provide reduced portfolio risk through […]

Stocks: Getting to Know Them

After Anna received half of a joint stock brokerage account in her divorce, she went to see Sam, a stockbroker recommended by a family friend. Sam quickly found that Anna’s knowledge of investments was slim, so he explained stocks to her. Stocks in a company represent a portion of ownership, called shares, that are bought […]

Lifeboat Drills for Stock Market Investors

An excerpt from the seminar “Surviving the Stock Market” by Carol Kean, fee-only investment adviser. How are your investments affected by emotional vs. rational behavior? That is a real concern for many investors as they analyze the stock market. You must deal with your own emotions as a stock market investor, hanging on as the waves get choppy. But even […]