Money Attraction Affirmations

Money can help you achieve your life dreams. At, we believe that prosperous thinking is the first step to success. Each month we will include a Money Attraction Affirmation to help you create dynamic changes in your life.

Print this affirmation and read it several times a day to promote harmony in your life.
(Alter it to meet your specific needs.)

I rejoice both in my own and others’ success.

I know that there is plenty for everyone. Others’ success provide inspiration for my own growth.

I am investing in my future

Money Star

I am preparing for my future and taking care of myself. I know how to manage my own money and use it for my highest good. I am brave and willing to take risks, and I take a long-term view. I am an investing Money Star.

I Am Focusing On My Financial Future

I am letting go of all past worries and concerns and I focus my energy on creating new habits to achieve my greatest good in the future.

I am building a nest that is right for me.

I create the living environment that suits my financial situation and provides me with a safe haven from the cares of the world. I create a space that fits my emotional needs and just “feels right.” I manage my financial affairs to provide a safe, loving place for myself to come home to.

I Am Willing To Change to Achieve Financial Freedom

I am creating new habits that lead to financial success. I am letting go of behaviors and ideas that get in the way of prosperity.

I Spend Money on my Joy and Flourishing

I acknowledge the purpose of money in my life and I allow myself to use money wisely to achieve my joy and growth.

I am teaching my money wisdom to my children

I am passing my experience and wisdom down to my children. I am giving them the benefit of my knowledge and insight to help them make wise choices.

I Am Facing My Fears and Creating New Dreams

I have the courage to face my fears and make mature choices regarding my financial affairs. I am clearing the way to create new dreams by allowing myself to face my fears.

I Am in Control of My Tax Situation

I take all steps I can to control my taxes and concentrate on building my financial future. I focus on the positive investments I am making in my life and on creating more prosperity in the world.

Love Brings Me Prosperity Every Day

I experience joy from both love and money. I allow my money to bring me joy, and I allow love to bring me joy. I trust that both love and money are working together for my greatest good.

I Will Have a Happy, Prosperous New Year

Each day this year, I will review my affirmations to create a more prosperous life for my family and myself. I know that by improving my financial life, I create possibility and opportunity in all other areas of my life. I trust that I am creating a joyous and successful life.

My holiday season is filled with joy, hope, love, and prosperity

This December I reflect on my successes and challenges of the past year and I look forward with confidence to the next. I pay attention to what is really important in life: spending time with loved ones, giving to others, and sharing the joy of living.

I am Grateful for Everything I Have

I remind myself of everything I already have in my life. I am content with myself, my achievements, my relationships, and my possessions. I allow myself to take a moment to feel grateful for everything truly good in my life.