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At, our mission is to provide financial education to women in their quest for financial independence, through our website and innovative programs such as The Money Club.

We are a charitable organization under Internal Revenue Code Sec. 501(c)(3). All donations to are tax-deductible.

To become a member of the Women’s Institute for Financial Education, donate now using our secure online form below or send your tax-deductible contribution to, Box 910014, San Diego, CA 92191.

Love  and Money

A basic membership of $25 or more entitles you to:

  • Newsletter packed with practical no-nonsense information on money management, career and taxes.
  • Booklet: “Love and Money: 150 Financial Tips for Couples
  • “A Man Is Not a Financial Plan bumper sticker
  • FEELING GREAT about helping to support WIFE, Women’s Trusted Financial Source Since 1988.
  • Helping to expand the Money Club community, supporting women in their financial journey.

Small Step Sandal PendantWith any membership donation of $100 or more

  • You’ll also receive our exclusive Small Step Sandal pendant necklace

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In addition to individual membership donations, and the Money Clubs are supported by major corporations and organizations which are committed to helping women take control of their financial lives.

By becoming part of the foundation of and the Money Clubs, those corporations and organizations have the opportunity to do well by doing good. For information about how your corporation or organization can support and the Money Clubs, click here.