Partners in Love … and in the Boardroom

Can You and Your Spouse Cut it as Business Partners? When you married your spouse, you promised to create and share a life together, but does that mean you can also create and share a business? Many couples successfully helm a business together, but they also face many unique challenges. Below are a few important […]

Need Some Group Support for Money Issues?

Empower Your Financial Transformation with Money Clubs™ If you’ve ever set a big goal for yourself, you know how much it can help when you announce the goal to your friends and family…or better yet, recruit them to participate with you. Saying your goal out loud makes it feel more real, and once your family […]

A Mutual Fund All About Women

If you go to and type in PXWEX in the Quote box, you’ll get its take, albeit a limited one, on Pax Ellevate Global Women’s Index Fund [hereafter referred to as PXWEX or Fund], which should be, for obvious reasons, of interest to the membership of WIFE. This fund made the news in June […]

Over Half of Americans “Haven’t Got Around” To Making a Will

Think of all the things you own, from the money in your retirement account, to your home, your car, and your beloved stamp collection. Where will they go after you die? If you are like 61% of Americans who have not created a will, then you are leaving that question up to your home state […]

Is Fear Running Your Investment Strategy?

It is impossible to think about money, (especially YOUR money), without bringing your emotions along. We all have a huge and complex tapestry of emotions connected to our concept of money. For many women, money represents security, and they fear putting any of it at risk. The thought of becoming a “beggar lady on the […]